Weston Wold

Ministry Partnerships

12. 11. 20

With my time at Pulse coming to an end, I’m reflecting on the relationships I made this semester. I felt poured into and I feel as though I grew as a person and a follower of Christ. I have been given tools to succeed in my future career choice and I know how to properly share the Gospel with people. I was able to accomplish my goals and push myself to succeed in a business setting. For example, I oversaw the recruiting and training of 37 people on our Echo platform. I also enjoyed learning about the HR process within Pulse. I’m leaving Pulse with memories and relationships that I hope will last a lifetime!

11. 20. 20

Entering the last month of the internship, we had our last Revival Nights of the year. On Tuesday, we set up and recorded the livestream that we’ll put out in a couple of weeks. This time around I didn’t get to the office until 5PM, so not as long of a day as the last Revival Night. We got to make some really cool connections with people as well as witness the baptism of two fellow interns. It’s been really cool to see how God has worked through conversations inside of Pulse this semester.

As far as my individual work assignments are going, I’ve been able to connect with 30 different people who are interested in being response volunteers for us. This means that if we have an event where we ask people to text in questions or prayer requests, we’ll have the people needed to respond online. We’re hoping to get to 50 people before Christmas. Once we get to our target number, we will train in the people who haven’t been trained yet. I’ve also been busy with connecting with a couple more ministries this week to inform them about Preach! Twin Cities that has now been postponed. Right now I am trying to hone in on college ministries at more secular schools. This means ministries like Salt at the U of M. We want as many people as possible to get an opportunity to preach the Gospel and this seems like the best way to do it.

Going into the final weeks at the internship I’ve been able to make some great connections. I hope to make a few more before my time in the program is done, but I am more than pleased with how far I’ve come in the internship especially with the other interns. We’ve really become a family.

11. 14. 20

This week featured the most ridiculous workout we’ve done yet…stairs. As an intern crew we went to Minnehaha Falls and ran up a giant staircase five times and absolutely wrecked our legs! The big reason we do these workouts is to stay strong in both body and mind. We use these workouts to lean on God when we feel like we can’t go any further. I enjoy these workouts because it lets us have fun, but I also enjoy pushing each other to our limits. 

In more of a work setting, this week I got to go to Crown College and share in front of their student body about one of our upcoming events. I loved being able to go out and talk to people about what we’re planning because I believe that my future could be in recruiting at an organization. This opportunity let me practice public speaking and utilize some of the tactics I’ve learned in school. 

We are planning a lot of upcoming events in different areas, such as Navidad en Casa, a Latin American Christmas program. We are also planning another Revival Night for next week. So things are in full swing at the internship and I could not be more excited!

11. 5. 20

This week we finished the final details for our Revival Nights that we hosted two weeks ago. This meant that the video was going to go live online and we were responsible for responding to everyone who was watching it. The interns decided to have a watch party where we ate pizza and hung out while responding to people online. This made the night a lot more fun and gave us another opportunity to get to know each other.

From a work standpoint this was a much more relaxed week. We were able to dial in on a few different areas and for me specifically it was ministry outreach. I’ve been in contact with a few local colleges about promoting an upcoming event on their campus. So far, the colleges are very responsive. Crown College is also going to let us come to their campus to make an announcement before their chapel next week! I’ve loved communicating with these schools and utilizing certain communication skills that I’ve learned in my time at Bethel.

We have four weeks left in the internship! I hope our growth will continue and we’ll be able to spread the joy of Jesus to others.

10. 29. 20

This week at the internship we began preparation for one of our upcoming events, “Preach!” This will take place in December. My job is to inform the surrounding colleges of the event and ask them to partner with us by promoting it to young students. The event is a preaching competition where we want anyone younger than the age of 30 to submit a video of them preaching the Gospel. We will invite the top ten to compete in a recorded session at First Baptist Church in Minneapolis. By partnering with surrounding colleges like Bethel, UNW, NCU, and Crown, we are able to spread the word to their students to submit a video to be in the top ten. First place in the competition wins $1000, so it gives the students more incentive to participate.

Another aspect of my week included street evangelism. This time it was a much different outcome. I felt that people were very receptive to us the first time we went out and were open to conversation. This time, I felt a lot more shut down and that people didn’t want us to bug them. This was very discouraging, but we tried our best and maybe down the road some of the people we talked to will come to know Christ. 

I’m at about the halfway point in the internship, so I’ve been able to reflect on how far I’ve come so far. I’ve enjoyed the process and I think I have grown in many different ways. Pulse has also pushed me to want to succeed and be a part of the bigger picture. With these last five weeks I hope to continue to grow and help the ministry in any way I can.

10. 22. 20

This was my busiest week in the internship so far this semester. We had our October Revival Nights. I was in charge of helping set up this event and letting it run smoothly. I showed up at 10AM to help set up the sound system. I was all hands on deck if anything was thrown our way. Though it was draining and very meticulous, I truly enjoyed the event. Four of my friends got baptized and expressed their faith in Jesus publicly. I felt so much joy during this event because I saw how God was working through people and my friends. Once the event  concluded, we tore everything down and packed up. We didn’t end up leaving the office until 10:30 that night.

Besides that event this week, I learned more about our Human Resource tactics. I also made phone calls to connect with local churches for an upcoming event that is happening on October 20 in Philadelphia. I love the routine I’ve been able to get into as well as the connections that I’ve made within Pulse. I look forward to continuing to grow this semester.

10. 16. 20

This week has stretched me in ways that I haven’t been stretched before. We were pushed to do some street evangelism which I’ve kinda been skeptical about. I think street evangelism is a very powerful but also dangerous tool if used incorrectly. When we went out to meet people in the park I wanted to have an open mind. I knew the Gospel would come through the conversation, but I wanted to interact with these people and get an understanding of who they are and their background. I didn’t want to go into the interactions with the goal of getting someone to accept Jesus, but rather plant a seed that will help them down the road. If we force our beliefs upon them, they might get turned off to what we are saying. At the end of the day, people just want someone to listen to them and understand what they were going through. Because of this, I was able to share bits about my faith and how I’ve seen God work in my life. I hope I get an opportunity to talk to people like this again soon.

10. 9. 20

This week I focused on getting to know my team and the atmosphere that has been created at Pulse. I’m looking forward to being a part of this team and growing with them. Workplace atmosphere is very important and Pulse recognizes that. 

I’ve loved getting to know my fellow interns and connecting with them. Everyone has a passion to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel. I feel like I’m learning so much from them on a relationship level, on top of learning the work skills in my individual department. 

My biggest takeaway this week is that we will always pursue the place that we find our identities and treasures. We are called to keep our treasures in heaven and be bold with our faith. As Christians, we need to keep this in mind while we go about our everyday life and keep our focus on the Lord constantly.


Hey! My Name is Weston Wold and I am the Ministry Expansion intern this Fall at Pulse! I’m 21 years old and currently attend Bethel University where I am a senior majoring in Relational and Organizational Communications. In my free time I love writing songs and talking sports. I currently attend Emmanuel Christian Center and am a part of the worship team! This fall I look forward to connecting with people and sharing my faith with others. I can’t wait to apply all the lessons I’m gonna learn while at Pulse!