Tucker Grant

Preaching & Teaching

Hi! My name is Tucker and I’m one of the Preaching and Teaching interns this semester at Pulse! I’m 21 years old and my claim to fame is that when I was in elementary school, I was a model for children’s books! I realized my call to ministry mostly through my time as a counselor at the greatest summer camp in the world: Camp Shetek. When I’m not working on different Pulse projects you can find me gaming, hiking, chilling with friends, and exploring the city. I love the mission of Pulse and am super excited for the weeks ahead!!!

2.12.21 – Week 5

This week at Pulse was great! On Tuesday, all of us interns got to hear some great stuff from Mark and Emily about discipleship and healing/miracles. So many great points of information and truth that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life! Wednesday was also filled with a great session over zoom with Alex Grahmann about some preaching tips and tricks. Definitely check it out on the Preach Twin Cities Facebook page!!! Looking forward to this next week!

2.19.21 – Week 6

My time at Pulse continues to be great! I’m learning so much from so many great leaders on and outside of the Pulse staff. Tuesday’s Intern chapel sessions were amazing! We got to hear from 4 of the full-time staff at Pulse. Each one shared a story from their life and practical things each of us can do and remember as we go through life! I also got to hear some great advice from pastor Gary Clark! I wish everyone could have sat through that session and been able to hear what he had to share. As always, looking forward to what else is in store for the other interns and I at Pulse!!!

2.26.21 – Week 7

Another amazing week at Pulse! Our Revival Nights stream was Live and it was so powerful to be able to hear and see that night of worship again! I got to be a part of the Collegiate Day of Prayer too! Excited for the things to come next week!!!

3.5.21 – Week 8

This week at Pulse was so busy, yet so much fun! I got to do a lot of speaking. Gave a 10-min sermon on Monday, shared my testimony with the interns on Tuesday, gave the revised version of the 10-min sermon on Wednesday, and then topped it all off with giving my testimony and getting baptized at Revival Nights!!! Praise God for all that he’s doing through this internship program for all of us interns. Praying and looking forward to another great week! 🙂

3.12.21 – Week 9

As always, another amazing week as an intern! I’m continuing to grow a lot in my faith and I’m learning a ton. Tuesday we did a workout at Union Fitness. I sat out, but that workout looked tough!!!! Haha. The other preaching interns and I have been working on Gospel-centered social media content and I’m excited for how it turns out for each of us! Can’t wait to see and hear the finished projects!

3.19.21 – Week 10

This week was soooo good! More great chapel sessions with the other interns and amazing opportunities to share the Gospel have come up in my life! We all grabbed lunch at Midtown Global Market and I tried a lot of things for the first time! Sushi, bubble tea, and tikka masala were all great! Got to finish out the week by getting coffee with my awesome brother in Christ, Alex!

3.26.21 – Week 11

Another great week!!! We had a revival nights film day and those are always a blast! We got to hear a great word from Nick Hall during this and got to worship in such a great atmosphere with so many great people. I was also able to be in an interview on Friday for the next cohort of interns!

4.2.21 – Week 12

This was the week of Good Friday and man was it GOOD! The entire Pulse staff was able to make it to the HQ for this event and it was a busy day of serving the Lord together! I got to start my Friday off at 3AM for follow up with an amazing crew! So many lives were being touched by the Gospel and God was doing some amazing work through Pulse! So blessed to be able to serve here!!!

4.9.21 – Week 13

This week was right on the heels of our Good Friday broadcast that was so much fun and had such a huge impact for the Kingdom worldwide! I was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep haha. I posted my first couple of TikToks and had some good responses from those! On Monday, a few of the interns and I took a little day trip to Duluth, which was such a fun time! Evelyn got to finally fly a kite and Makayla and Carter were just trying to avoid the divebombs the kite constantly made. Looking forward to these last few weeks!

4.16.21 – Week 14

Another great week! Got to have the interns over at the apartment to watch our Revival Nights stream and have dinner! I was able to do some sermon prep too and gave a 20-minute sermon on Wednesday and got to hear 3 other great sermons from Nelson, Marissa, and Acebe! Left feeling so impacted and full from their messages. So so excited to see how God grows each of us in our preaching in the next 3 weeks!