Stephanie Oliva

Training & Evangelism

Hola, my name is Stephanie! I am the training and evangelism intern! I am 20 years old, and a junior at the University of Northwestern. I am a triple major- Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Social Justice, Youth and Adult Emerging Studies and Bible. My native language is Spanglish. What I love to do in my free time is eat, I love hot cheetos, boba, pad thai, pho, the list goes on (you’ll always see me snacking). One thing I am passionate about is serving the Lord, to do everything for Him in love and with an obedient heart. I am so pumped and excited to make Jesus known with a group of amazing people who are on fire for Jesus. Can’t wait to see how God stretches us and molds us!

2.12.21 – Week 5

As the Training & Evangelism intern, I get the opportunity to see and be part of the behind the scenes of events like Preach Twin Cities, the internship, and even helping out with the Summer’s next interns. This past week I have really seen how God’s timing is perfect and he surely does give us the words we need when we most need it. On Tuesday I learned my family got COVID, and that day during one of our chapel sessions Mark talked about Prayer and Healing. I felt encouraged to seek after God and his supernatural power. That although times have changed from the Bible, does not mean that God and his supernatural power has changed. 

“Weirder to follow a supernatural God and never encounter the supernatural.” – Mark Warder

Last week we had the amazing chance to be part of Revival Nights. Mark. Emily, Linn and the whole team that was a part of it did amazing and it was just WOW. The presence of God was there and seeing two of my fellow interns get baptized was a beautiful moment. During Revival Nights, the worship team sang “Goodness of God.” Throughout the night, it reminded me of God’s goodness and how he is oh so faithful. It brought me to a place where I felt an utter peace of what God has done and what he brought me through. I cannot wait to see how God continues to show up and also how many lives will be impacted by Revival Nights. 

2.19.21 – Week 6

This past week we met via zoom which was a bummer BUT it was still an amazing time. We had a staff takeover where Alex Heltemes, Abigail, Greg and Luis spoke to us. It was very impactful to hear from them and to see how God has been using them. 

What stood out to me the most were these words that Luis shared with us: 

“You are where you are for a reason. Don’t allow your culture to influence you. Be content where God has you, don’t matter if it’s big or small. Get in the door, be consistent and don’t stop.”

It was a reminder that God truly has called us and that we must go. 

La semana pasada nos juntamos a través de zoom, y todavía fue un momento increíble. Tuvimos un tiempo cuando Alex Heltemes, Abigail, Greg y Luis unos empleados de PULSE vinieron a hablar con nosotros. Fue muy impactante escucharlos y ver cómo Dios los ha estado usando.

Lo que más me llamó la atención fueron estas palabras que Luis compartió con nosotros:

“Estás donde estás por una razón. No permita que su cultura lo influya. Esté contento donde Dios lo tiene, no importa si es grande o pequeño. Entra por la puerta, sé constante y no te detengas”.

Fue un recordatorio de que Dios realmente nos ha llamado y que debemos ir. 

2.26.21 – Week 7

“If you are not confessing daily with God and having weely confessions with others then you do not have a fighting chance to live through whom God has created you to be.” 

I want to have the fighting chance, I want it to be the rhythm of my faith. I want to grow and be in uncomfortable spaces. Without confession, without the valley I am not living up to who God has created me to be. This chapel on Confessions by Mark, has made me reflect on my own confessions. Do I have daily confessions? The answer is no. But this topic is something that is applicable for me to do in my everyday life. To come before God regularly and share my ‘rubbish’ with him, to do it DAILY. Looking back I said ‘no’ to daily confessions because I carry this shame, I carry guilt, I carry this idea that I can’t give it to God. And I don’t want to disappoint God. but the thing is, that is why he died on the cross and rose on the third day. We are not meant to carry our sins, “you weren’t meant to ca

rry your sins for more than a day.” But God is extending his arms and he is telling me “I am here.” God he knows what we are going through, he wants to help us and guide us. He knows the feeling of being tempted, he was tempted, and at times we invalidate that. The thing is, that through his temptations he did NOT sin! For on the other side of confessing is: mercy, grace, and forgiveness!!! 

This week has been a heavy week for me, but in the midst of it all I am happy to do life with such amazing godly filled brothers and sisters. Not only spiritually heavy but also physically, as in we ran up stairs for our weekly workout. Working out may not be my favorite thing but am happy to do it with people who encourage one another. Also Katie, our photography intern has been teaching us Tik Toks and never have I ever felt old. I felt so outdated, because I in no way can move or learn choreography as fast as Katie does. Y’all should check out Pulse’s Tik Tok @pulsemovement !!!

3.5.21 – Week 8

Hello, it’s me again!

This past week we had Testimony Time which was such an honor to hear everyone’s story. I think of our testimonies as a book, the chapters that have already been written, and the chapters that are being written and the chapters that are ahead. We all have a unique story. A story where we have been broken, molded, and where breakthrough was present. As I reflected after that day, I was just so in awe to see how God was present in every moment. I just thought: “Wow, God you turned sorrow to gladness, you take our: tears, pain, sorrow, shame, brokenness, betrayal and turned that to good. All your plans are perfect.”

It reminds me of something that was said in one of our chapels, that if we don’t get off the mountain and go into the valley we won’t grow. And it’s true, in the valley that is where we learn to lean on Christ. Because truly we can’t in our own strength. We really can’t. In our valleys that is where we learn to walk by faith and not by sight. Where we may feel lost but in that we seek God’s light, we seek Him. Where we put our trust in the one that NEVER fails!!

As I look back, I think just how eventful and busy this past week was. Preach Twin Cities was streamed, with 10 amazing fearless and bold young emerging leaders of God, who spoke the Gospel! It was a powerhouse. If y’all didn’t watch it….you should go watch it, like right now.  Also this week we recorded for Revival Nights in March. Which wow, the worship=amazing, the Word=still processing it (it was powerful), overall it was a time that God was present. Be on a lookout for when it comes out 🙂 

Before I go, I want to say that I will start putting prayer requests here because as Carol Madison said this past week as she spoke on Prayer, “always pray, never seize and believe he can do anything.” She also said something that stuck with me, “can you picture what is happening when you are praying?” My dad has had a problem on his right knee for a couple weeks now, and because of that he currently does not work. At first, I was worried, and I was a bit stressed that I couldn’t do anything to help him. But then I realized, there is something so much more powerful than medicine, and so much more powerful than my worry. And that is prayer! Praying a prayer of divine healing in God’s timing. With that, I would also love to pray for you if you have any prayer requests! 

Con amor, Stephanie 🤍

3.12.21 – Week 9

Welcome back to Stephanie’s life as a Pulse Intern!!!

We had a chapel session of confessions, and my oh my was that a WORD! Here are a couple key quotes by Emily Langley herself: 

  • “Live well gathered so we can live well sanctified.” 
  • “Life is so much better when you give your sins to the Father that has the shoulders.”
  • “Some think that grace is all we need and keeps us from confessing.”
  • “Have got to humiliate yourself, got to let go.”

That last point was so powerful. A cry that the cross that God was nailed on is the same cross that shatters all pride. For me, I realized that I was holding onto pride, I asked myself, “am I willing to humiliate myself?” And to be honest I wasn’t. As I thought about that cross, I realized that Jesus was humiliated, and in the chapel Emily talked about how Jesus was not only humiliated, but naked and whipped. And that shattered all pride I had. Because no one else, no one would do the same as God did for us. 

Confessing, it isn’t easy and no one said it would be. When we were broken into small groups, I had this peace in my mind that was telling me “its okay,” Never had I said the things I said out loud. There were similarities in some of our confessions, which I think invited each one of us the invitation to say, “ I struggled with that too.” Confession is not an easy thing to do, but when we do it with those that are in our community and we come with a true heart of humility, we are able to fully let go of our pride. 

3.19.21 – Week 10

Hello friends, 

The highlight of this week was going to the Global Market. The Global Market has such a special place in my heart, as well as Lake Street. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but as an Act Six scholar- we were able to have a summer training in Cristo Rey for the whole summer before transitioning into college. And it just reminded me of the love of the community and all the rich culture. Being able to go as an intern cohort was so nice. It reminded me of home, of my family. That’s the thing as an intern at Pulse, all my fellow interns have become family (whether they like it or not 🙂 ), along with Emily and Mark. Growing up in a Latino household, family is so important. As we all sat down together, and ate, talked and laughed- all I could do was thank the Lord. To thank him for allowing me to be in community with people. 

Hola Amigos, 

Lo más divertido de esta semana fue el Mercado Global. El Mercado Global tiene un lugar tan especial en mi corazón, al igual que Lake Street. No he mencionado esto todavía, pero como becario del Act Six, pudimos tener un entrenamiento de verano en Cristo Rey durante todo el verano antes de hacer la transición a la universidad. Y solo me recordó del amor de la comunidad y toda la rica cultura. Poder ir como cohorte de pasantes fue muy agradable. Me recordaba a mi familia. Eso es lo que pasa como intern en Pulse, todos mis compañeros pasantes se han convertido en familia (les guste o no :)), junto con Emily y Mark. Al crecer en un hogar latino, la familia es muy importante. Mientras todos nos sentábamos juntos, comíamos, hablábamos y reíamos, todo lo que podía hacer era agradecer al Señor. Agradecerle por permitirme estar en comunidad con gente genuina.

3.26.21 – Week 11

Hey y’all!

A bit of a God sighting I had this day. I was going to invite a friend, and ended up texting the wrong friend, and it was an honest mistake. The friend I was indeed texting at first could not come but then she made adjustments and decided to come. In the end we talked and she had told me how what she was going through resonated perfectly with what Nick Hall’s message was. Later that night, I was thinking how God knew about this moment. And it was a beautiful reminder that if he wants someone to hear a word, he has a will and a way!

Stay on a look out when Revival Night comes out live- you won’t want to miss out!!

4.2.21 – Week 12

Today we had two amazing, powerful women of God speak, Emily & Ebony Small. Emily started us off in the morning with a devotional on, “our identity as children of God.” And wow it was a great way to start off the mormog. Knowing and acknowledging that WE are children of the highest. He is our Father, whom our identity lies in. One thing that stuck out was this line: “ Not getting things from God but GETTING GOD.” As humans, our flesh deires material things, short-term feelings and not dwell in the fact that getting God is much more than we can ever ask for or deserve. Getting God, is all we need, and even more. 

This week was also…Good Friday!!! I am so excited and honored to have been part of this and to also be able to be poured into. So crazy to know that it was shared with over 120 countries and 40 languages. To be able to talk to people who responded to the Gospel, or who were asking for prayer from all over the world. It stirred something in me to know that people rededicated their life to Christ or gave their life to Christ. It shows the beauty of God’s Word- that it is for EVERY nation, EVERY tongue, it does not exclude anyone, but through Christ we are all united in him.