Robbie Peck

Preaching & Teaching

12. 11. 20

This is my final blog post! I will admit, I wasn’t the best at consistency with this throughout the internship, but I was thankful we did this nonetheless. This final week is a full one for me, between wrapping up the internship with final sermons and showcase presentations and then having finals week at North Central on top of all of that. It is a perfect storm of business, accomplishments, and bittersweet goodbyes. I am so thankful for my time at Pulse and have been blessed by each individual I got to know over the last twelve weeks. God has placed new friendships in my life that I will cherish and continue to reach out to. Through this whole experience of being an intern, one thing stands out from everything that I have learned and been a part of, which is that Jesus has a great plan for my life and I know that Pulse has been an instrumental part in my development. I have grown as a minister, a believer, a friend, and as a man. God has been so good to me and I know that this internship is a launching pad for everything that He has in store. I’m going to make Jesus known.

11. 26. 20

This past week in our internship was a crazy one to say the least. Unfortunately we had multiple people test positive for Covid in the last week and we will finish out this internship online. It was really hard to hear this news, although I understand that we need to prioritize the health of everyone in our group. I am sure there will be times in the future where we can get together again, as our friends from out of town are all staying in the cities for the time being. I have been so blessed by this group of people so it’s not ideal to have to end our time together at Pulse apart from each other, but our online meetings this week have been encouraging and uplifting even though we really did grieve together. It has been such a memorable past couple months and even though it doesn’t look the way we anticipated, I’m thankful God placed me where He did.

11. 20. 20

This past week we were able to be a part of our second and final Revival Nights as interns! It was definitely bittersweet, as it has been such a blessing to be a part of events like these and for this to be our last one was a bummer. In last month’s Revival Nights, I was more involved in the service and was able to speak, but this month I was able to just be a part of the night and receive from worship and the message. This was a huge blessing for me, I was so glad to just let God speak into me throughout the night. There were more baptisms to celebrate and amazing testimonies from people about what God had been speaking to them. It was just an amazing night all around and I’m so excited for it to be livestreamed for everyone to be a part of! I am glad that I can be a part of Revival Nights in the future, although it may look different with Covid. I was so blessed to be a part of our internship’s last event!

11. 14. 20

This past week, the preaching and teaching interns all met for our weekly cohort meeting on Tuesday. Each week we have a local pastor as a guest speaker, this is a time for them to drop golden nuggets about preaching and ministry and generally just some tips on how they go about preaching. This week we were blessed to have Nick Hall, the founder of Pulse, as our guest speaker. I was not expecting what he was about to share, instead he challenged each of us interns to really seek our hearts and contemplate on whether or not we truly are ready to be a pastor. He explained that pastors are held to a higher standard, that they are the examples for everyone that they lead, they are the chosen few that are called to do Jesus’ work within the Church. He really spoke clearly and spoke what is not usually said while encouraging future ministers. I thought this was necessary and formative and it has stuck with me throughout the week. I’m glad I can pursue my calling here at Pulse!

11. 5. 20

I am so blessed to be a part of this internship team! Week by week it has felt like we have grown closer together as a group and have been able to spend time getting to know each other more and more. This past week we were all able to watch the livestream of an event that we recorded a couple weeks ago. We all met at the office and were able to celebrate what God has done in the last few weeks. In this time, we were all a part of the online response team for people viewing the livestream. I was able to pray with a man over text. He was asking for healing and for protection from COVID, which I think is a good prayer for everyone during this time. This has been such a blessing to be a part of this ministry. I’m excited for everything else God has in store during this season!

11. 29. 20

This week we were able to take some time doing street evangelism again and were right around our Pulse office in downtown Minneapolis. We were split up into teams of three and were sent out to witness to anyone we felt led to talk to while walking around downtown. Me and my other friends in my group spent the first couple of minutes praying while we walked around. My friend James prayed that God would lead us to someone and within 15 seconds he was approached by a man who needed help. His car had popped a tire and needed 7 more dollars to pay for it, but he needed to pick up his wife shortly. None of us had any money with us, but James went to grab some while me and Teagan stayed back and were able to talk to this man. To our surprise, he started spitting some amazing theology to us and shared his heart for the Muslim community in the area and just wanted God to grip them. I thought it was so amazing to run across a fellow believer, and even though we weren’t able to share the Gospel with anyone, I walked back to Pulse feeling that I was ministered to that day and I am so glad I was able to have that opportunity.

10. 22. 20

This past week I was blessed to be a part of a monthly event we put on at Pulse called Revival Nights. I was able to host this event alongside Alex, who is one of the Preaching and Teaching supervisors and is on staff at Pulse. He helped by walking me through what we were going to talk about, which made me feel very comfortable on stage. I’ll admit, I stumbled on a few words and ended the service in awkward Robbie fashion, but I felt that it went well over all! It was such an amazing night, four of my intern friends were baptized so it was so great to be a part of that! We will continue to put on these events and I am excited to be a part of the next few going forward!

10. 16. 20

This past week I was able to be a part of an amazing event that was centered around Christians responding to racial injustice. Social media influencers from all around the nation came to Minneapolis to put on this live event and during the event I was able to pray for people and answer questions from viewers via text message. It was such an amazing event to be a part of.

Later in the week, I was able to go out in the Northeast Minneapolis community and do some street evangelism. Our goal was to minister to the homeless community that is living in a nearby park, but I was able to share the Gospel with a Muslim man that was out with his kids. It was such an amazing opportunity and a really great two-way conversation to have. I pray that God touched his heart by what I shared with him. Pray for my friend Mohammad!

10. 9. 20

This week at Pulse I was able to start my week by establishing goals for myself. I have never been one to set goals outside of an athletic environment, so being challenged in this way will be something new for me. Throughout the week I have been working on refining a five-minute sermon that we will be filming as a Preaching and Teaching cohort. I am so excited to be given opportunities to share the Word and develop as a speaker and I feel that this semester will be full of growth for me in that area. Each week I have the honor of being on calls with pastors and ministry leaders from the Twin Cities, it has been so cool to see the different preaching styles and techniques that local ministers use on a weekly basis. I have never taken so many notes in such a short period of time as I have in the 30 minutes we get with these leaders each week. One of my favorite parts of my week is being able to talk with Mark Warder in one-on-one meetings. We never know where the conversation will go, but it always ends up being one of my favorite times of the week. I’m ready to start this new week at Pulse!


What’s up! My name is Robbie Peck and I’m a Preaching and Teaching Intern at Pulse this semester. I’m in my senior year at North Central University as a Pastoral Studies major where I have served on worship teams and been a part of various ministries on campus. I attend Redeeming Love Church in Maplewood and volunteer as a youth mentor, worship leader and lead our media production team. I love being involved in ministry in any way that I can! My hobbies include basketball, playing guitar and buying/reselling shoes. I am so excited for everything God has in store for this internship team!