Noah Egeberg

Summer 2020 Preaching & Church Relations Intern

8. 07. 20

A learned this summer more than ever what it is to be the church. To lay hands on those who need healing, those who have confessed things they’ve never confessed before, or simply feel overwhelmed with life. To weep with those who weep, and to be joyful with those who are rejoicing. To actually go out and share the gospel, the core of our faith yet is so often overlooked and rarely put into play on a personal level. To just ask strangers if we can pray for them, believing in faith God will move. Being someone who will God willing plant and lead a church someday, I pray the flock the Lord gives me to lead have hearts like these other interns to put themselves out there, and take real steps of faith. That is what really encourages other believers, and especially those outside the faith to see what following Jesus is all about. 

7. 20. 2020

This last week was amazing. I am continually overwhelmed by how good God is, to connect me with a community of people my age who love Jesus. Each week I see more clearly the need for community and the fruit that comes from it. Although we as an intern cohort have never gone to church on a Sunday together, I’ve experienced BEING the Church with these people more than ever. This has given me a desire to evangelize more and  to invite others into being a part of a loving group of people. I want so badly for everyone to get to experience what I’ve had the privilege of experiencing, and it produces so much joy to see others experience it for the first time.

6. 29. 2020

I found Pulse by going to one of Pulse’s events called Revival Nights, which I was  originally invited to by a friend. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. It was refreshing to be surrounded by so many people around my age that wanted to come together to praise Jesus for who He is. I loved hearing the interns get to share their testimony. I loved the worship. I loved hearing all the mini testimonies at the end of the night and getting to hear what God has done in so many people’s lives. I loved it all. When I was called into ministry, naturally Pulse was the first organization that came to mind. To get the opportunity to work and be a part of a ministry like this was more than I could’ve hoped for. I asked the Lord to make it clear if He wanted me to work here, and I was hired immediately after my first interview with Mark. Praise God!!

To sum up my first week as an intern at Pulse, I would use the word surreal. It’s surreal to be surrounded by so many people who love Jesus, prioritize prayer, and are excited to teach and guide the next generation. It’s beyond exciting, and more importantly, is so encouraging. It’s incredible to be learning and working alongside many leaders who have so much more wisdom than I do, and what makes it even better is that they WANT to share that wisdom with me and the other interns. What an opportunity!! My takeaway is this: God is moving, and it is completely and totally surreal to be a part of a ministry that is constantly being moved by God himself.