Peyton Gallagher

Summer 2020 Preaching & Teaching / Church Relations Intern

8. 07. 20

This summer was full of growth for me! I learned not only a lot about Pulse as an organization and how to further my skills but also more about who I am and what God is calling me into. God really spoke through my supervisor Alex this summer. Alex was so intentional about spending time with me and pouring into me weekly. He went above and beyond what I think is expected for supervisors and it was the absolute highlight of my summer. I got to learn a lot of what it looks like to plan a new initiative and all of the processes that go along with it. Learning what ministry looks like outside of the context of the church was a valuable experience for me and showed me that an organization like Pulse is definitely where I see myself working in the future.

7. 13. 2020

The internship with Pulse has absolutely flown by so far. It was a lot of adjusting to the ways that Pulse works at first, but now I have gotten to be a part of a lot of different areas. I would say that the highlight of my internship has been the relationship that I have built with my supervisor. My supervisor Alex has really taken the time to not only pour into me, but also believe in me enough to let me help out with different projects and have my voice be heard. Along with these projects, I have been learning a lot about different tools that I can work on within my speaking and teaching skills. 

6. 29. 2020

I found the Pulse internship because one of my good friends and fellow intern, Zac Nelson, had applied for it. It was an opportunity for me to find out what ministry looks like outside of a church setting and I was pretty pumped about that! I also have had a few family friends who have interned for Pulse in the past and loved it, so I was confident it would be a good experience. 

My first week at Pulse has really just been a lot of learning the ins and outs of what the organization does and how it works. Not going to lie, Zoom is no fun at all, but I’ve been able to connect well with staff and other interns amidst that. One thing that impressed me in the first week was the ways in which Pulse so clearly relies on the Lord for the direction of the whole organization. Many times during meetings we will stop and pray for things that are needed, which really shows the heart of the ministry!