Lydia Johnson

Summer 2020 Training and Evangelism

8. 07. 20

This summer, I understood more of what it meant to be a leader in reaching my generation. This new mindset grew me in discipleship, evangelism, and professionalism alongside 16 other interns. We pursued community, fellowship, and spiritual growth together as this summer was time of fighting for justice, safety, and ultimately, a need for Jesus. Learning from every one of the interns and their individual talents spurred me on in the faith and opened my eyes to the inter workings of the body of Christ. My major takeaway was how the Lord showed me and is continuing to show me the power of knowing one’s identity in Christ. Understanding who I am in Christ and his purpose for me impacts all parts of my life, and in order to love others well, I must first understand how Christ loves me. More and more, I have been listening to the word of God as he speaks to me through his word, and I’m encouraged daily to grow in obedience toward him with my whole being, not just a part of myself.

7. 20. 2020

Throughout these past few weeks, I have begun to understand how important it is to have community. As the body of Christ, we are called to build one another up, and there have been so many moments during this time where I’ve seen the hand of God. 

As a cohort, we do street evangelism to reach our community in Minneapolis with the hope of the gospel. On Monday, July 13th, some friends and I had approached a man who appeared to be waiting for a call. We exchanged greetings, then asked how we could pray for him. After a simple, yet sincere request, we prayed for him. After we finished praying, he received a business call, so we continued our walk in search of other people to pray for. After a significant amount of time passed, a large truck pulled up at the end of the street and stopped. In the truck was our friend, for whom we had prayed, motioning for us to come and speak with him. He went on to say how much he wanted us to pray for the homeless community in Minneapolis—that there would be peace and unity. In this time, I felt an overwhelming sense of the Holy Spirit (something I had been asking the Lord to show me). I was struck with the reality that our friend had enough faith to ask for prayer for not only himself, but the entire community within Minneapolis. We serve a big God, and we pray that He, too, reaches our new friend.

This is just a glimpse of how God has been moving within our cohort. I have made new friendships, increased my understanding of the gospel as I’m writing sermons, and wrestled with tough questions, knowing I’m not alone. This summer has shaped me and encouraged me beyond explanation, and I look forward to the short time I have left.

6. 29. 2020

Throughout my high school years, I went to a few of Pulse’s events such as Together 2016, National Day of Prayer at the Mariucci Arena, and Pulse Twin Cities at the U.S. Bank Stadium. Pulse has always been an organization that I have followed, supported, and seen the Lord use as a vessel for His kingdom. Thus, having the opportunity to learn and train with them sounded like a life-changing experience. Upon speaking with my mom, I had figured that I wanted my first internship in college to be for a purpose—a greater purpose. Being able to learn from and build a community with so many amazing followers of Christ in addition to sharing my faith was needed!

My time at Pulse has been amazing so far. I have learned so much about what it means to deliver a clear sermon, served the community, and have had such amazing fellowship with my fellow interns. Learning and growing alongside the other interns has been an indescribable experience—the amount of community I experience with our togetherness has been a huge encouragement in my walk with Christ. Learning to build one another up in the Spirit is truly a gift from God. I have also grown a lot in my ability to clearly communicate the Gospel message, as well as hearing sound Biblical doctrine from supervisors. These past few weeks have flown by and I have learned so much more about God’s goodness through my brothers and sisters in the internship!