Leah Vigil


My name is Leah Vigil and I’m serving as the videography intern for the Spring of 2021! I was born in Tennessee as the middle child of five kids, raised in Lakeville, MN, and am currently a senior at Bethel University in St. Paul studying Organizational Communications with a minor in Media Production. I love my fam so much and am passionate about visual storytelling, videography, music, traveling, cooking, staying active through soccer, running, beach volleyball, broomball, really anything. And I am 100% an early riser and a breakfast enthusiast!

2.7.21 – Week 4

“You want your anchor buried in the mud.” Nick Hall shared a message with us about the importance of your secret life with God. The importance of making your secret life with God significantly better than your public life. It’s not about impressing man and making sure they see you doing your “Christian duties” it’s about pursuing the anchor that’s so deep into the mud that it’s strong enough to hold the boat down during the storm. This message has stuck with me all week. It’s been so fruitful to be in a professional environment that fosters my spiritual growth and it’s only week 4!

2.12.21 – Week 5

“Your life should look super natural,” is something that Mark said this week in our chapel time that I can’t seem to forget. This is a concept that I hadn’t really considered all that much before. It’s because I have a holy ghost in me, I get to live with the expectation of holy and supernatural essence, that might not always make sense to the human mind. I get to pray with the expectation that God is able to answer. I get to live with my spirit anchored in something so much greater than the material world and I get to expect the Holy Spirit to be present in my life because I have Jesus in my heart. That is so cool. It was a good week of fellowship, absorbing, working on the Preach Twin Cities montage video, and filming a sermon by Nick Hall. The weeks are already flying!!

2.19.21 – Week 6

Don’t wait until you’re done growing to go. Go and grow while you go,” was something that Nick Brandt shared with us on Tuesday that really stuck with me. He addressed something that I have definitely wrestled with. It was so empowering to be encouraged that we aren’t called to have it all figured out and lead perfect lives, we are called to multiple and share a love with others that we have found for ourselves. Hearing this has allowed me to really think about how I can be giving myself grace in my growth but also not letting my imperfections and insecurities stop me from spreading the love of Jesus every chance I get. 
Another week down in the blink of an eye, per usual. But I’m feeling extremely grateful this week and feel so inclined to embrace where I’m at. I have the greatest sense that big things are coming. PTL!

3.5.21 – Week 8

“Are you done with your fit yet?” is something that I’ve kept with me this week. Hannah Klausen shared her testimony on Tuesday and she was talking about how she went through a time where she was being stubborn and running away from her problems and how God protected her even through that. She painted this picture of God saying “are you done with your fit yet?” rather than “you messed up again” or “you blew it.” This visual really stuck with me because I just think of how stubborn I used to be/can be sometimes haha and just how God’s not surprised AT ALL by anything I do and he’s just sitting on the edge of my bed like “yeah Leah that didn’t feel good did it? That’s why I’m protecting you.” I don’t know it just makes me feel so warm and just reminds me how personal of a God we have. That being said, another week of growth, and grateful for the stories God is writing in everyone’s lives on the Pulse team.

3.19.21 – Week 10

Be the most loving person in the room” and “go further than people’s expectations,” are two of the things that stuck with me this week of the internship. I’m grateful for an environment that fuels me in my life outside of Pulse. Sometimes it’s easy to do the bare minimum for others and for ourselves but I feel challenged this week and moving forward to go beyond what people might expect. I don’t want to serve others with the tiny bit of energy and resources that I’ve cut out. I want to serve them like I have nothing to lose. I’m grateful for this team and am looking forward to filming revival night this week and working on putting together PTC preacher videos together!

3.26.21 – Week 11

“God is outside of space and time.” This is one of those things that I know but need a reminder of sometimes. This served as the perfect reminder for me this week that my plans and my timelines are hardly ever the same as God’s. He’s not confined by my ideas of his plans, no matter how much I think I know what he’s up to. This is especially a good reminder in waiting seasons when time feels like it’s moving at snail pace but it is just my perception of time. Another week of absorbing so much wisdom. There is something to learn from everyone I meet at Pulse!

4.2.21 – Week 12

“Character will speak for you when your words cannot.” I could end this blog post right there honestly. Hahah but seriously, that is a piece of wisdom that we received from Ebony this week. This was a really good reminder for me to live my life so intentionally. Even on days when I don’t necessarily feel like it, to be intentional and to leave people better than I found them. There are so many other pieces of wisdom that I took away from this week that I could fill this page with. It was also such a blessing to be working for a gospel focused company during Holy week. I truly admire Nick Hall for his obedience and seeing his visions through. It was amazing to see the out reach this broadcast had. It has been a busy couple of weeks but I appreciate how much I am being poured into. This is so much more than an internship.

4.9.21 – Week 13

“God gave freedom to love and without the choice to say no, there/s no meaning to say yes,” “God will sit with us in prison and wear the prison clothing and have as many meals with us as we want but he also tells us that the door to the prison is open,” “God wants you naked because He wants to clothe you.” I could keep going for probably this entire page of all of the things that impacted me this week. We watched an incredible movie called “The Heart of Man” and I have never seen anything like it. Although it’s been a busy few weeks, there’s nothing more important than pointing my eyes and heart back to the one who trumps everything. 

4.16.21 – Week 14

“Nails were put into Jesus’ hands for every time our hands have gone somewhere they shouldn’t have. Nails were put in his feet for places our feet have gone that they shouldn’t have. And a crown of thorns was put in this head, over his eyes, that carried every time our eyes have gone somewhere they shouldn’t have.” I shared the Gospel this week with the interns, Mark, and Emily, and the as I was praying and preparing I thought about what the Gospel really is on a new intimate level. As I was presenting it, it was as if saying it out loud on my own made me gain a level of understanding and compassion. I’m glad I was able to share the visual with the team that I opened this post up with because when I heard that I was also greatly impacted by that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, SO much growing in this season. 

4.23.21 – Week 15

“Live a eulogy life, not a resume life.” This was something that Gary Clark spoke on this week that struck a NERVE with me. He explained that it’s more important to prioritize how you love people, serve, your relationships, living selflessly, etc., rather than always trying to build up your reputation, get the experience, and store up a bunch of knowledge to impress people with your “credible” resume. I was touched by this because especially in this time when I’m about to graduate college, the world is telling me now more than ever to focus on resume building, credibility, experience, and success. Not to completely disregard doing well in my work, but that should never overrule how I love others, lead others, and serve. On another hand, I haven’t spoken on the videography aspect of things as much as I have the discipleship but I have been learning a lot about my style of filmmaking, enjoying making connections, and have been inspired by the other creatives on this team!