Katie Viesselman

Creative Design


Hello! I am Katie Viesselman, the Creative Design fall intern here at Pulse. I will be able to do what I love–design (!!) for the glory of Him who I love, Jesus (!!) and I can’t wait. My other passions consist of Trader Joe’s, pizza, rattan furniture, and masala chai. I am so very excited to be a part of a team dedicated to making Jesus known. This opportunity is such a blessing and God is going to be doing such amazing things through us this year. 

12. 11. 20

This past week was different, but it didn’t stop us from our mission or remaining in community. It was so great to see the other interns at the live Revival Nights and look back on Gisell’s beautiful testimony, a great message from Nick, and Abby and Teagan’s baptisms. Praise the Lord! Last week, some of us Bethel students all met for the Wednesday meeting time and ended up walking all the way to Starbucks to find out it was closed. Noooooo. Good thing for Caribou Coffee! While moving the internship online has felt a bit dejecting, I’m so grateful for the time we did have together in-person. This season has been a challenge but also very encouraging and reviving.

11. 5. 20

This past week was such an awesome week of connection. Street evangelism with Abby, Blake, and Monique has continued to give me so much hope about Jesus working so fervently. Pandemics do nothing to stop the Lord! We also had such a fun game night at Hayley’s place and it’s so good getting to know the interns even better. It blows my mind how none of us knew each other until recently. As the weather has gotten colder, our group has moved in the opposite direction, with so much warmth and joy coming from this amazing group. I also loved getting to see a lot of my design work for Revival Nights out in the world which was so exciting!

10. 22. 20

This past week was so awesome. I had the opportunity to get baptized at the October Revival Nights recording with some of the fellow interns. I have full confidence that God led me by the power of the Spirit to take that step. In terms of my work for Pulse, designs have been going really well. Revival Nights designs are being finalized and worked over. I can’t wait to get going on more projects like the intern shirts, mugs, and other graphics. So excited to see God move in my creativity!

10. 16. 20

This week was full of things to do—from staying up on the Emerging Leader Check-In chats to drafting more designs for Revival Nights, I had plenty to do! The community here has been really building, and I’m so excited to have even more chances to get to know my fellow interns even better. I am passionate about design. Getting to do it under an awesome organization and creative team is such a blessing, and I can’t wait to see what we create over the next few months. There’s a great sense of peace in this work, and I can sense God working in so many ways internally and externally at Pulse. He’s just getting started.

10. 9. 20

My time at Pulse so far in a phrase: life-giving. I feel like the mission of Pulse is so clear in every meeting, training, and meal together. We are the body working for one mission, and the interns are just as important to making Jesus known as the full-time staff. It’s been unfortunate having to be away from my fellow interns due to the coronavirus, but it will just make my time with them that much sweeter. I’ve had the opportunity so far to really create a lot of content and ideas for different design projects. I love working with David and learning even more about design and the Gospel at once, furthering the kingdom with visuals that speak to who God is. I can’t wait to work even more with this team and on even more projects!