Katie Potter

Photography & Social Media

Hey friend! I’m Katie Potter and I get the blessing of being a photography + social media intern this spring at Pulse. I love a lot of things in life, but I’m most grateful for Jesus, people, and creating; in that order. New people and places fill my cup to the brim. But the people I love and I am honored to know overflow that cup over and over. As for creating, I’ve always been a storyteller, even since I was little. First, it was studio art and writing, and then I picked up a camera and never stopped. Above all of these things, I love my Savior and am crazy in love with Him. I’m also a shameless chai latte addict, but I also appreciate a good cup of joe. I could also hike or swim in a lake all day when MN weather allows. Lastly, I’m so excited for what God has in store for Pulse and this next season of life. At the end of the day, all of the glory to Him.

2.5.21 – Week 4

I shot and attended my first revival nights this last week. I’m still speechless, I am incredibly blessed to be able to worship the Lord this way. You could feel God’s presence and I literally felt straight joy from being able to help tell that story. We also were in-office for the first time as interns together and it was such a blessing to be able to see everyone in real life. Been seeing their sweet faces over zoom the past three weeks and it’s crazy to see them in person. The community that has come together is nothing short of God’s hand. The Lord has been showing me that He is in control and is sovereign throughout all of my life. This last week I’ve been editing photos and also have been creating content for social media platforms that Pulse runs. Crazy good stuff and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

2.12.21 – Week 5

This week has been super great, I’ve been busy with creating content and it’s the best thing. Not best as in prosperity-and-no-bad-days-exist best, but the best where the Lord’s been blessing me with sweet people around me and spiritual growth. I’m excited for all the projects coming up, I love that Pulse is so people-focused. We were in person for the second time in this internship and it’s been SUCH a blessing. Seeing everyone in real life and spending time with them for literally the whole day is so fruitful and also fun. As a people person, it truly fills my cup of joy to be with people, especially with COVID-19 now. Creatively I’m setting up a shoot for an app that’s under Pulse, we may be renting a coffee shop that’s closed down because of COVID so I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes! I think it’s insane that I get to use photography to make Jesus known. Truly amazes me almost every day, kinda surreal but here for it.

2.19.21 – Week 6

The team was unable to meet in person this week because of certain circumstances but our time together was fruitful as always. We heard four different people with different interests and backgrounds speak about how they evangelize or how they share Jesus with their gifts and talents. It was so amazing to hear the contrasting walks of life among them all, and their willingness to help us as interns and pour into us. I helped with some content for projects coming up and can’t wait to be a part of streaming Preach Twin Cities and Good Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord moves. Despite all the crazy unfortunate circumstances, at the end of the day, He is still good.

2.26.21 – Week 7

We are back in the office woohoo!! The spiritual growth through the teaching at Pulse is amazing and the best thing. I love filming and capturing content for this ministry and my fellow interns are so great. Seeing everyone use their gifts for the Lord is one of the coolest things to witness. This week I photographed behind the scenes and filmed tik toks for their platform. I learned that confession is not only the starting point to salvation but also a rhythm within your walk with God. We also helped with the Collegiate Day of Prayer broadcast on Thursday and monitored the Revival Nights stream on Facebook and Youtube. I’m excited about the projects coming up and learning more spiritually!

3.5.21 – Week 8

The Lord is so good and SO incredibly kind. I am in awe of how He moved this past week. We all shared our testimonies on Tuesday, and what a sweet moment. These people I’m surrounded by amaze me with how God has worked in their life and is still working. I love these people and I see so much of Jesus’ hands and feet when they readily serve and quickly love. Last week both of our Internship Directors asked me to host Revival Nights for March, my initial response was ‘HAHAHHA uh nooooo’ and then I heard the Holy Spirit nudge me and say ‘Katie get out of your comfort zone.’ I told both Mark and Emily I would pray on it knowing I would be saying yes at the end of the day, and I called a friend who I told last summer that the Lord was putting on my heart discipleship and speaking. Now here I am months later and the Lord is opening doors for me, HE IS GOOD HE IS GOOD!!! I also had a bit of nerves before, but I asked friends and family to pray for me. I prayed and meditated on God’s word and ALL my nerves went away, which is insane because that’s never happened before. Before the event five amazing people who I appreciate so dearly each individually prayed over me, and what a blessing that was. I love the body of Christ and seeing their genuine passion for God and people. When opening it I felt an overwhelming amount of peace and clarity, I also prayed that my prayers would be from my heart, not my mind as I sometimes do when I’m asked to publicly pray. The Holy Spirit provided me the words to say as I was speaking the prayer, isn’t our God oh so good?  Nick spoke and what God said through Him touched my heart in so many ways. God’s presence was so evident, the Holy Spirit was there and moving in people’s hearts. We also had guests from BGA and they were able to share words of wisdom with my generation. I fell to my knees during worship for the first time in my five years of being a believer in surrender to Jesus. ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!! I could probably write a whole book on how God’s been moving as of late, but He’s been putting on my heart the words ‘it is not my own.’ My life, any win, any influence is NOT to be called my own for the only thing to boast is my salvation in Jesus. 

Shameless plug: tune in to Revival Nights on March 30, 2021, at 7 PM. Worship with us in real-time, and I have no doubt God will move. Also, I love you, and Jesus does too.

3.12.21 – Week 9

What a good week! I have continued to learn and grow so much here at Pulse. This week Mark and Emily talked about the importance of confession as a part of your faith. They also gave us the steps to evangelize which is SO helpful, as believers we’re called to evangelize yet only 4% of church’s train their bodies in this. Next week we are street evangelizing and I’m looking forward to implementing this. I’m also incredibly thankful for the community here at Pulse, a large group of us were able to pray over someone whose heart was hurting. I love getting to know these people more and more. Creatively I’m developing some social media graphics, making social content, and edited the Revival Nights photos from last week. Also kind of a wholesome moment, we have the creative team weekly check-in where we say how good we’re doing on a scale from 1-10 and talk about our week. Leah started us off with the first ten ever in the history of Chicken Check-Ins, and I’m a ten this week as well!! Praise God, in Leah’s words gotta approach life in the ‘ten mindsets’, literally my new favorite saying. There are weeks where we aren’t going to be doing great, but that’s alright too because at the end of the day my God is still good! We also worked out as a group and it was HARD but it felt so good to move!! It’s almost spring here as well, on Tuesday it was 64 and we walked to Jimmy John’s and Starbucks and I feel like we could’ve tanned hahaha. Oh and got my first parking ticket and I’ve officially become apart of Minneapolis. BLESSED BY THESE PEOPLE AND MOST OF ALL JESUS !!! 

P.s.: We love praising the Lord and eating His chicken (chick-fil-a) s/o to Roseville CFA for always feeding us and letting us worship our God while eating it !!!!

3.19.21 – Week 10

This week we did street evangelism and it was snowing so not many people were out to evangelize to. Mariah had the wonderful idea of praying over the city as we walked the streets. A lot of cars had snow on them so we used Josh’s ice scraper to help people out! As we headed back to the office we had a conversation with a man named Mojo about Jesus and religion. He had Native American spiritual beliefs but you could tell he was very curious and his heart was open to the gospel. As we departed we told him to ring the Pulse doorbell any day anytime and someone would love to answer any questions he would have. We offered to take him to lunch next week since he lives around the block, so I hope he shows up but we’ll see how God works. We had a 35 minutes conversation with him and as he was saying goodbye he told us “You three, there’s not a lot of true religions out there, but you guys are part of the true ones. I can tell.” I was moved by this encounter and my heart aches for those that don’t call Jesus a friend. 

Man, I love these people, and this time with Pulse, we also went to lunch at the Midtown Global Market and I started talking to a woman who owned a Morrocan food vendor there. What a fruitful experience to hear and talk with her, my heart really is filled with joy when talking with strangers. We talked about photography, her upcoming travels, and I was able to pray over her. WOW our God is SO good! I’m also in awe of my fellow interns, they’re strength, grit, and fire for the gospel are admirable and inspirational. Mark and Emily are also absolute powerhouses for youth and teaching. The creative team is some of the most talented people I have ever met that want to use their gifts for the sake of the gospel. What a joy it is to walk beside these men and women of God and to pursue Him together under the name of Jesus!!

3.26.21 – Week 11

This past week was our last revival night which was bittersweet, but I love seeing the Lord move again and again in such powerful ways. I love meeting people and seeing so much of Jesus’ hands and feet in who they are, how they so evidently have encountered Jesus and His heart. I’ve been editing and creating, in my element and am overjoyed to do what I love as work. My fellow intern Makayla KILLED it at hosting and one of the videographers go baptized!!! Wow the Lord is so good!! We also did a shoot for the Move Closer App inside Penny’s which is closed but they let us rent the space. The lighting is beautiful and the community of strangers coming together serving Jesus was so sweet to see. In awe of how Jesus is moving and working in this season, He is SO SO good!

4.2.21 – Week 12

This last week we had the opportunity to street evangelize again and just be Jesus’ hands and feet which has been such a blessing to do. We also played basketball, I can confidently say I am the last round draft pick of any team but I’m not too bad at cheering people on. We got to speak to someone named Matt who we asked to play basketball with us, he was a believer with such a redemptive story. I love seeing Jesus move in people’s hearts. Also this week was GOOD FRIDAY BROADCAST!!!! Woot woot!!! So much fun. The whole creative team was in person and I got to see all these sweet people face to face. I photographed the event in person, I love the energy and the fast-paced of it all. I would shoot a photo and twenty minutes later it was edited and posted on socials. It is so evident that everyone there had a heart for the gospel and people. Such a cool thing to witness. We also had over 1 million people respond to the gospel, think about that, 1 million new brothers and sisters in Christ. WOW, heaven is rejoicing and I am too! Praise the Lord through it all!

4.9.21 – Week 13

This week we had a chapel session on relationships centered around Jesus, which was ironic because we are single at this moment but man was it fruitful to hear. Heather spoke to us and it was so easy to be your genuine self around her. Makayla, Evelyn, Tucker, and I all took a walk downtown because it was BEAUTIFUL out. Also would not recommend cold brew and dr. pepper. We did a workout at Minnehaha and pranked Mark pretending Marissa was fainting and needed help. It was hilarious, I’m definitely getting sad that these are our last few weeks together. It has been so so sweet.

4.16.21 – Week 14

We’re based in Minneapolis here at Pulse, and with the trial of Derek Chauvin near we all prayed around the Hennepin County building and just prayed peace over the city. It was so evident that people need Jesus’ heart. I also filmed an evangelism series for social media so I’m excited to edit those soon. I filmed in the media studio and the audio quality with the sound panels is impeccable. Chef’s kiss as some would say.

4.23.21 – Week 15

Unfortunately for our discipleship training, we had to be over Zoom because the verdict was going to be announced that day. So six of us met at a coffee shop about thirty minutes outside of the cities and did our calls from there to have a sense of community. We all watched the verdict together and there was much rejoicing for justice was served. PRAISE THE LORD! As our internship is almost coming to a close, I am incredibly thankful for these people and their hearts that are dedicated to God. The six of us who were there prayed over each other and it was such a sweet moment. Allie and I also shot Good Friday Merch photos this last Thursday with a group of models and I’m in the process of editing and I am truly obsessed with the vibe. Wow two weeks left, but these last two have such fun projects in them. AH GO, TEAM!!!

4.30.21 – Week 16

All I can say is WOW. I think back to when I entered this internship thinking it was a job. It became so much more than this. This became a family, a place where I grew, and where I encountered Jesus’ heart over and over. These interns are life long eternal friendships, Mark and Emily are people I will always keep in contact with, and the creative team is somewhere I know I can always go to. I am so thankful for every second in this internship. I have grown and learned an immense amount and all the glory goes to Jesus. My prayer is that I won’t forget what I’ve learned and that I’ll never stop preaching His word and praising the Lord. Thank you Pulse, thank you my fellow interns, and most of all thank you, God. Signing off for the last time as an intern on the blog. If you’re thinking about applying, do it.