Josh Brandt

Data Management

Hey! My name is Joshua Brandt, and I am a Communications major at Winona State University with a minor in Training and Development. I am currently the data management Intern here at Pulse. Just for a little context to who I am, I love to play board games and video games in my free time. I just recently got into ice fishing because my brother is practically an expert on the matter. I come from a family of 6 and 1 dog. I also married the love of my life on July 18th in the wonderfully peaceful year of 2020. My wife and I currently have 1 cat and a dog on the way! I love getting to know new people and putting myself at the center of attention in most situations. I am very excited to be interning and Pulse and the experiences I will have here.

2.12.21 – Week 5

This week I was able to learn so much more at Pulse. I was able to get together my boss and put together some great material that we are using for a project for the development team in salesforce. I am very excited to continue this project as it is for the new development team and the changes they wanted to implement into the system. I also got to train more people in
salesforce for their team specific tasks which is great because not only do I get to help others but it helps me learn more as well. I can see every week here at Pulse that God is working in every corner of this family. The best part is that in my position at Pulse is that I get interact with many other teams and get to see everyone grow into their roles.

2.19.21 – Week 6

This week I was able to learn so much more about Pulse and the effort that goes into every task that gets done here. I was able to get hands-on experience with many different aspects of the Good Friday 2021 event that is coming up and it’s all very exciting. During this week I was also able to train a handful of people on Salesforce and help them get started on their part of the Good Friday event as well. Getting to work closely with other departments when training and helping them is one of the many joys of working here. It’s a blessing to get behind the scenes and see all that goes into such an amazing event! One of the best parts of this internship is to experience and learn from the passionate work that everyone does here! I am looking forward to even more projects to come and especially seeing the Good Friday 2021 event come to fruition! I am ready to continue my growth and experience even more exciting things in the weeks to come!

2.26.21 – Week 7

This week I was able to be a part of some really cool project both in and outside of my exclusive role at Pulse of data management. During my regular hours fulfilling my role I got to be a part of even more Good Friday event content which was super cool to be a part of. This week I realized that I am starting to get a hang of my position. I was also asked personally to do some tasks for the first time which really made me feel like part of the team. During our group hours this week we streamed the recorded revival nights event and it was one of the best experiences I have had yet. It was so cool to see the hard work we did pay off as we saw people watching the stream. Our role this time around was for follow up which meant we got to answer the questions and comments people could text in to us which was so beautiful to be a part of. I really do believe that what we do at Pulse changes lives. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to change parts of my own life after being here at Pulse already. Pulse is doing amazing things and the privilege to be a part of it is magnificent.

P.S. all the interns will get this. The stairs this week were absolutely awful…

3.5.21 – Week 8

This week was absolutely amazing. This was the first week that I was able to be in the office with the interns for more than one day which was such a fun experience given how little we see each other in person given the current situation. This week there was so much to look forward to as well as we had our second recording of revival nights which is such a powerful experience. We got to hear Nick Hall speak which was so cool to hear and experience in person. It was my first time ever listening to Nick’s preaching which was amazing because of how passionate he is. It was really cool to see this passion as it is reassuring that there are organizations run by people who love the Lord with all of their heart. It was also cool to see some of the roles being done by different interns this time as well because I got to see them thrive in more ways than one this time. It is always so refreshing to be there as well and worship. This week was a very encouraging week and I’m sure the other interns can agree with that! I also got to use a temperature gun to check people as they walked in for revival nights which was more fun than one would think.

3.12.21 – Week 9

This week at Pulse was such a learning experience for me. During my time in the office with my boss Zach I was able to hold my own on some of the projects that were given to me. I have been able to master some steps of salesforce processes that used to be very difficult for me. I was also able to sit in on some other interns giving sermons that they prepared and it was so amazing to see what they’ve been doing. It was awesome to see how they are using their ability as a public speaker to move people closer to God. Another event that happened this week was our workout… I believe I can summarize how it went by saying that I could barely move the two following days.

3.19.21 – Week 10

This past week at Pulse I had a great opportunity to learn plenty more tricks and functions of salesforce. I made a mistake in the system which was a great opportunity for me to learn from my boss and see how he fixed it. I was also able to, again, expand on my autonomy when using the system which has greatly improved my abilities as well as increase my confidence. During our time on Tuesdays this week we got to street evangelize again which was really exciting. This time around we got the chance to talk to someone for quite a long time. We got to share the gospel in multiple different ways which we have been practicing during our time on Tuesday’s which was so cool to see in action now. At the end of our Tuesday we also played around the world in pingpong which was fun but we found out very quickly that Mark is much too good.

3.26.21 – Week 11

This week at Pulse I was able to experience some really powerful moments where God was working in and through people, especially at our Revival night that we filmed. During the revival night I was able to get up and share my testimony and get real with everyone watching. It was amazing to see how God used me to bring truth about problems that so many people face. Following my testimony I was able to hear Nick speak which is always just fantastic, but then he called people who wish to change their lives and lifestyles to come forward and accept prayer and that’s where someone came up to me and talked about how they loved what I shared and I could see that it already made an impact. This week was just a very powerful one and one I will remember forever. I have been learning so much and am so excited to see our revival night streamed in April! It was also fun to empty the baptismal at the end of the night.

4.2.21 – Week 12

This week at Pulse had to be the most hectic yet. It was also extremely exciting along with being hectic as it was the week leading to Good Friday where we got to put into practice many of the projects we have been working on for quite some time. For me it was really cool because I got to see all of the forms and the different data that I had managed with my boss be put to use. It was really cool to see how useful everything we did was. I also got to witness 3 different people rededicate/give their life to Christ through this event. It was awesome seeing how people were so impacted by the event that we put on. This week was definitely the most exciting one that I have been a part of. It was also extremely cool to see the different artists perform and to see Francis Chan give his message during the broadcast as well. I love seeing how everyone’s different roles and projects all come together at this event. I am so proud to be a part of Pulse and especially to see people’s lives be changed.

4.9.21 – Week 13

This week at Pulse I had a shortened week but still had such a great experience. This week I had to meet online through zoom which was sad not to see everyone’s lovely face, but still wonderful! The plus side is they did stairs this week and I was able to do my own exercise that wasn’t so awful. In other news, I was able to complete a very large project with my boss that had to do with the donor designation in salesforce which was a huge success for us. It took us a long time to figure out how to do it and to also get confirmation on certain parts of the projects, but after this week we finally finished it. This week was also very inspirational because we got to hear our speaker this week talk about relationships. It was mainly about dating and although I am married already, I was able to look retroactively at my relationship with my now wife and see areas we can improve now! I love learning more about my relationship with my wife because there are so many ways to grow. Being able to hear advice from someone older and with more marriage experience is just so valuable. I am very excited for this next week as well, it is supposed to be a revival night stream and those are always so impactful and powerful. It is always a blessing to see people text in and hear about their life has changed.

4.16.21 – Week 14

This week at Pulse was a more relaxed week. There was not as much going on due to the easing of tension with events and projects. This week I was able to catch up on work with my boss and do some more of the day to day business which was nice. Being with everyone there is so much fun as well as we got to go on yet another prayer walk. While on the prayer walk we saw this boarded up window with tons of graffiti art on it which was so powerful. We decided to pray over it as well as a person who was walking by. It was such a powerful week being at Pulse, and with less business work I was able to focus more on the spiritual aspects with my fellow interns. Sadly we are nearing the end but I know there’s so much more to learn and experience!

4.23.21 – Week 15

This week was an interesting one as we weren’t in the office. When it came to my intern work for my data management position, we did some work that was given to us by other departments and finalized some forms. But when it came to the intern Tuesdays, we didn’t end up in the office and had time to think about the recent events that happened. With the trial going on we were able to share thoughts and reflect back on what we had been seeing which was a really cool experience. It is really awesome and so valuable to be able to experience these events with fellow christians. Having people older than me in their walk of faith help us process the world around us is something I will cherish forever. Although there is turmoil in the world and hatred around us, I have learned that the love of Christ prevails no matter what is happening. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and blessed to have run into the opportunity of getting this position.