Hayley Hartwig

Social Media

12. 11. 20

This was the second to last week of the internship! I can’t believe how fast it has gone, it really feels like just yesterday we were starting our first day and I was so nervous! This journey has been really stretching for myself personally, professionally, and spiritually. The internship has really helped me understand collaborative work and how a bigger organization works with so many different moving pieces. 

I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the other interns over the last 12 weeks! I’ve been lucky to be able to be a part of such a great community of young adults and I will always be thankful for the opportunity to create friendships with them! 

This week has ramped up a bit work wise as I finish out some projects for Pulse. I also finished the last week of my degree! Between the two, I am busy and this week has gone by like a blur! I was able to Facetime some of the interns earlier this week and it’s always great to catch up and talk but I miss when we were all able to be together in person! Overall, I’m so grateful for this opportunity I’ve been given to intern with Pulse and it is a season I will always hold very close to my heart!

11. 26. 20

Sadly, the only big update that I have for this week’s blog post is that the internship will be moving online for the remainder of the time. While I’m sad that this will cut the time short with everyone in person, I also understand that with Covid cases rising, for everyone’s safety it is important to move the internship online. This past week I actually ended up testing positive for COVID-19 and it was not a good time at all. While my symptoms were not life-threatening, it definitely made me realize how fast this can spread. I felt really sick the whole last week and extremely tired! 

During this time I’ve been realizing how busy and on the go my life normally is. It has definitely given me time to think and reflect on how much I add to my schedule and how that impacts my relationship with God. Through this time of isolation and quarantine, I’ve found myself reaching for my Bible and reading it more often! I’ve been able to slow down from “going” all the time and actually sit in conversations with God, which has been a really big blessing for me! 

While we aren’t in person anymore, I’m still talking to a lot of the interns on a daily basis through texting or Facetime. We even found a way to watch movies together on Disney+! I’m really grateful that our group has been so intentional with spending time with one another and that we have some really good relationships and are able to still spend time together even if we are not all physically together!

11. 20. 20

This week we filmed our next (and last for us Fall 2020 interns!) Revival Nights on Tuesday! It’s always so great to see everyone come together to put on and create an event like Revival Nights. I think it really shows how there are so many moving parts to the events that Pulse puts on. This week wasn’t as busy as previous weeks which was nice, but I was able to accomplish a few of my key projects that I’ve been working on. As a digital media intern I’ve been able to create and schedule content for the MoveCloser App that Pulse has. It has been cool to learn the brand and learn how to create posts that go well with the app. 
I also found out this week that I am cut out to be an American Ninja Warrior! For our workout this week the interns took a trip to Ninjas United, a workout gym that is designed just like the TV Show American Ninja Warrior! The gym allows the community to train there through free gym times or with classes. It was definitely a cool experience to try out but it made me realize that if I wanted to ever be on the show I’d have to train really train hard! We all had a good time and luckily no one injured themselves as we tried out the different courses!

11. 14. 20

The highlight of the last week was that the digital media interns were able to sit in on two more classes with well known creatives! This was very exciting for me as I learned how these different creatives worked through times when they lacked inspiration and how to better my skills! I love how Pulse makes it a priority to pour into us not only spiritually, but professionally as well! These have been opportunities that I will never forget and will always be grateful for! 

I’ve gotten even more chances to spend time with the interns as we planned a dinner this Thursday. We went out to a Tex-Mex place in the Twin Cities called Rusty Taco where we enjoyed some pretty great tacos and quality time together! Tonight Emily has planned a ladies’ night for all the Pulse intern girls and I can not wait! I’m so excited to spend some more time off work getting to know my fellow interns and really be intentional about the next few weeks of the internship!

11. 5. 20

This past week has been very exciting! The digital media interns got to take a class with a well-known photographer that worked at Pulse. It was great to hear how he gets inspiration and what techniques he uses for photography! Some of the interns on Wednesday also dressed up which was super fun! Then on Thursday we gathered at the Pulse office for the livestream of the October Revival Nights! I helped monitor comments on Facebook through the Pulse page and it was awesome to see all of the hard work put into the event finally be shared! I know a lot of the interns put a ton of hours and hard work into Revival Night so it was great to see it all go well! It was also fun to spend more time with all of the interns as we are now over halfway through with the internship! Time is going so fast but it has been such a great experience!

11. 29. 20

Over the past week I’ve been able to spend a ton of time getting to know the other interns! I’ve gotten to spend time working with interns on different events and outside of work with them as well! The intentionality that I’ve seen among our intern cohort is really amazing. We all have incredibly busy schedules, yet have been able to spend quality time together over the last five weeks by working together, getting coffee, thrift shopping, and having a game night. Even though all the work can be stressful at times, I’m grateful for the friendships and community that is being built through my internship at Pulse! 

On the work side of things, I was able to be a part of an online event called Let It Speak: Philly by monitoring and facilitating the online conversations. It was a fun event to be a part of and a great experience! What I liked the most was being able to see all of the different parts that went into putting together the online event and watching my supervisor and other Pulse staff work in their roles. 
I have also been able to listen to some really powerful discipleship training sessions over the last week. We have talked about fasting, confession, and going all in for Jesus. This has made me think about a lot of things and I have felt convicted to implement fasting into my routine as this was something I’ve never done before! I’m hoping to start off with one day a week next week and I’m excited to see how my relationship with God can grow from this.  

10. 22. 20

It has almost been a month since I started my internship with Pulse! There have been so many opportunities for me to learn in my track of social media, but also in my relationship with the Lord! Pulse has been so intentional with the intern cohort and I feel so poured into over the last weeks! I’ve been able to be a part of many different online events that Pulse has put on so far and was able to be a part of the Revival Nights filming for October! 

There are so many parts that go into an event like Revival Nights. It was great to be a part of and be able to see my fellow interns work together in their different strengths to help put on the event! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the interns more from our testimony night to cheering each other on during our group workouts on Wednesdays! 

It’s crazy to think that we are entering into the halfway mark of the internship – it is flying by! But I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned so far and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to stretch me!

10. 16. 20

This week Pulse put on the Emerging Leader Check-In event. During this event, I got to monitor the comments from the community of Pulse’s social media platforms while documenting questions viewers had. This was a great experience to watch the community of Pulse gather together virtually to speak about important topics like racial justice and the Gospel. 

On Wednesday, the interns finally got to gather together again for our weekly discipleship training! It was great to be around everyone again! We were able to do some street evangelism and it was a very stretching and growing experience!

10. 9. 20

My first two weeks at Pulse have flown by! I have loved getting to know the other interns (even if it’s only through Zoom!) and learning more about how Pulse works through their various social media accounts and platforms! I’ve been able to look deeper into the different brands that Pulse has for Together 2020, Year of the Bible, and the MoveCloser app. It has been great to learn how Pulse uses its platforms for digital ministry! I have been able to work with their MoveCloser app these last two weeks, adding organizations to the app for users to connect with each other as they complete Bible studies! The other digital media interns and I have also been able to brainstorm some ideas on how to incorporate TikTok as one of Pulse’s new social media platforms! I’m looking forward to the following weeks as there will be many different events to help with and other opportunities to learn more about Pulse!


My name is Hayley Hartwig and I am one of the digital ministry interns this fall! Social media is something that I have been passionate about for a long time and as a senior, at North Central University I would love to enter into a career with social media coordination. Because of my passion for social media, I really love that Pulse is reaching a new generation through the use of digital ministry. During my free time between interning at Pulse and school work, I love to go hiking, create digital art through Procreate, and read. Normally you can always find me with a coffee close by! I’m excited about this new and stretching journey as an intern with Pulse for the next few months!