Evelyn Kim

Summer 2020 Event Operations Intern

8. 07. 20

One thing that the Lord was doing this summer was breaking down walls of doubt and skepticism in my life that I hadn’t even realized I built up. I think for a long time in my life I had boxed in the Holy Spirit’s movement and power to be humanized into ways I was comfortable with understanding. But as I stepped into this internship at Pulse, my friends in the internship pushed and stretched me to walk more in tune with the Spirit. I was able to open up my closed-minded perspective of how the Holy Spirit could work miracles. Following a supernatural God became so much more real to me this summer at pulse, through the teachings in chapel sessions and through the conversations with fellow interns. And in believing this, I became more and more confident in the God that I serve and His power in me through the Holy Spirit. I became bolder in the ways I would talk about my faith and the ways in which I prayed.

7. 20. 2020

Time and time again, the Lord has been continuing to show up in awesome ways throughout the internship. One really cool way I was able to see the Lord’s miraculous work at hand was during the filming of our July Revival Nights. Growing up in my faith, I always had a hard time believing in the supernatural power of God since that was something that was never really talked about in church. I had struggled with a lot of doubt when it came to believing in the Holy Spirit working through things like prophecy, speaking in tongues, and miraculous healing. But this summer, God began to tear down those walls of doubt and skepticism. 

When we filmed Revival Nights, the speaker had prophesied that someone named Max was in the building and needed prayer. Well sure enough, there was a guy named Max who came up and felt physical chains breaking over him—something that our speaker had prayed over Max. Being able to witness this was incredible and I was reminded again of the crazy awesome supernatural power of God. That night, I was able to continue processing what I had just witnessed and had some time to confess to the Lord over my doubt. I was so encouraged that the same power that lies in the Giver of Life and the Savior of the World also is in me through the work of the Holy Spirit.

6. 29. 2020

I found out about Pulse through their partnership with Virginia Tech’s movement called vtONE. This past year, Virginia Tech was one of the event locations for Pulse’s Unite Tour. At that event, I was able to meet some awesome people like Emily Langley and Linn Thao. Emily was able to tell me a little bit more about the Pulse internship and encouraged me to apply. I did a lot of research online and fell in love with the heart and mission behind Pulse. I saw that one of the intern positions was for event operations and I felt that the Lord was calling me to pursue an opportunity that mixed together my vocational calling into ministry with my gifting in event planning. Once I received the offer, I was really excited to learn more about the administrative roles behind an evangelistic organization, as well as having the opportunity to meet the other interns and Pulse employees.

My first week at Pulse was nothing short of amazing. Even though our internship has started virtually, Emily and Mark did a really great job of making us interns feel at home. It was really great getting to meet so many of the interns and hear their stories about how they came to Pulse. While working with the event operations team for Pulse, it has been really great to meet so many new people in the midst of meetings upon meetings. I have also really loved working so closely with Linn Thao and Bryant Underwood. They have been fantastic mentors and are really great at answering the multitude of questions I brought to the first week of work. They are also very relational people, so even in the busyness of event operations, they still take time to ask me about my personal life and how my internship is going which is really appreciated. I already look up to them in the ways that they so obediently follow the Lord and also take time to be intentional with their coworkers. One of my favorite parts about the first week of work was getting to have 1:1 meetings with the event directors. This was super eye-opening because I was able to hear about the different campaigns that Pulse runs.