Emma Stender

Summer 2020 Photography Intern

8. 07. 20

I learned this summer the importance of being a creative. Taking the gifts in my mind and making it into something real. Taking stories and words and turning it into creative pieces. It’s beautiful to see the transformation of my word through this internship. I have learned the importance of words, and how I can use my words to change hearts for the kingdom! Pulse has taught me more than I can comprehend at this moment in my life, but i know it will forever impact me! Thank you PULSE!!!! 

6. 29. 2020

I found out about the Pulse internship from Revival Nights. I have been shooting Revival Nights since June and I LOVED the team and the atmosphere. Everyone was so encouraging and told me to interview. I loved everything about the ministry so I said why not, and here I am.

On the first day, we started our morning at 8:30 with a Zoom call prayer with the whole staff. We do this everyday. Every Monday is designated to the interns and we are trained as a group during this time. We also got to hear from Nick Hall, the Founder and Chief Communicator for Pulse. Then we got to open a first-day box that was sent to our house. We all received two books that we will be reading together, a Starbucks gift card, and a DoorDash gift card to buy lunch on our first day. It was so nice! We all ordered our food at the same time and had it delivered to our houses at 12:00 so we could all eat together. They did so much to make our first day seem as connected as possible, and it was. We sat in our seminar for the next two hours and were taught by our supervisors for the first time. Every Monday, the interns work out together, so we ended our day by working out together. My takeaway is that I need to put my professional face on and learn how to work in a business, which is exciting. I am ready to learn from great creative geniuses.