Elizabeth Guimont

Summer 2020 Data Management Intern

8. 07. 20

If I had to describe this summer in one word, it would be growth. I love how Pulse’s heart behind interns was focused on developing us rather than simply how much work we can get done. I have seen growth in our internship group in so many ways: faith, leadership, friendship, and courage. Throughout the summer we were all pushed to learn and try things that maybe were scary in the moment. From early on though, it was clear that we were all in it together, as a family. We walked together, fell together, and got up together. It was amazing to be part of a group that was able to be transparent and guide each other during highs and lows in life. 

Throughout the summer, I saw the Lord work in many ways. It was evident that our group was passionate and centered on Christ from the very beginning, testimony night. We all were able to help each other grow and challenge one another in our walks with Christ. One way that I was able to grow was through seeing how different people worship the Lord. I come from more of a traditional background, so it was really cool to see and learn from people of other denominations. I also saw God move in my life through these friendships. When speaking with the other interns, it was always centered on Christ. This was amazing to have people continually asking what God is doing in your life. I feel like this was an area of growth for me; I have not always been dedicated to asking that to my friends. This summer has challenged me to make more of my conversations with my friends about Christ and His work in our lives.

7. 20. 2020

WOW! These last couple of weeks have been AMAZING 🙂 One major highlight was getting to be a part of Revival Nights. We were blessed by being able to have a modified in- person event that was live streamed. It was a very moving night, and it was awesome to see the testimonies that came out of it. I hope you all join us live to watch it!! (Hopefully in future months you’ll get to be there in person, it rocks!)

6. 29. 2020

I heard about the Pulse internship through the Warder family. We are good family friends, and they mentioned the opportunity as I was looking for possible internships this summer. I immediately went home and looked into the internship program because it was something that I really wanted to do. I truly loved Pulse as an organization and the heart behind its mission. I was so excited to give back to a ministry that had changed so many lives and be a part of it in any way I could. My family and I have attended many of the events ourselves, and it was so evident that God is working in and through Pulse. Each event had an amazing turn out, and the response only brought more glory to Him. Additionally, I really like that Pulse is not seeking credit, but rather giving all the glory to God. 

Wow! The first week at Pulse was even better than expected. Although the first day of our internship had to be online, it was super fun. I have enjoyed meeting all of the interns and being able to get to know them better over the last couple of weeks. The first stretch of the internship has been anything but ordinary. We’ve been on Zoom calls, had only four people in the office, and experienced heartbreaking events in our city. However, Pulse has managed to make it a special time for us along with continually sharing the love of Jesus with people throughout this difficult time. We were blessed by the opportunity to shift gears and help downtown. This really showed how much Pulse cares and the importance of doing everything we can to aid our brothers and sisters in Christ. Another area of my internship that I have worked on during my time at Pulse is learning the databases for the organization. It has been cool to see the systems that are somewhat of a backbone for everything that is happening in the organization! These first few weeks have been amazing, and I am excited for many more.