Dominique Paulk

Social Media

12. 11. 20

I can’t believe the internship is almost over. It has gone by sooooo fast. On Tuesday night, the November Revival Nights went live on YouTube and Facebook. If you want to go watch it and to hear an amazing message, go to the Pulse YouTube channel! During these events we respond to texts from people watching who might have questions or want to learn more about the Gospel. It’s been such a blessing to come together and just be in community with one another over these past few weeks and to just be able to encourage one another as we grow in our faith. I cannot wait to see how God will move in each of us and Pulse going forward. It’s been great interning at an organization whose goal is to make Jesus known!

12. 4. 20

If I’m being honest, this week has been a blur, I’m having to look at my calendar to see what I did because I was sitting in my room in quarantine on Zoom this week. A few highlights were on Wednesday, we had a little “who knows the interns the best” Kahoot and let’s just say I did… bad (a lot of our meetings have been online so natural conversations are few and far between). That’s not an excuse, just the facts. I wish I did better though. My quarantine ended and I was able to leave my house which was a huge blessing. This week was also Thanksgiving so things were pretty slow, but with all the craziness a slow week was appreciated!

11. 26. 20

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to monitor one of the live feeds on Facebook for the Museum of the Bible Gala. On Monday, we had the opportunity to hear from Heather Flies who talked about relationships and Alex Dion Wilson who gave us an insight into how he shares God daily across his social media platforms. They both were very encouraging and gave a new perspective on their respective topics. This week we found out the rest of our internship will be online and if I’m being honest, that makes me pretty sad. I completely understand why it has to be that way and I am grateful that I can still do my job remotely, however it is sad. I know that I will still be in contact with these people and I can’t wait, but it will just look a little bit different for now and that’s okay!

11. 20. 20

I need to find a new way to intro these blog posts because they always start with “this week has been…”. That being said, this week was extremely busy. On Tuesday night we pre-recorded our second Revival Nights, and man oh man it was soooooo good!! I wish I was able to give more of a description but I guess you’ll just have to wait and see when it goes live in a few weeks! On Wednesday, we went to a Ninja Gym and it was simultaneously so fun but very draining because you know, physical activity=exhaustion. It was also my week to share the Gospel in a minute, and while I was nervous it was great practice for when I’m able to share my faith with others in a less controlled environment. Friday and Saturday we watched an apologetics conference. They provided many tools to share the Gospel with non-believers and prompted great conversation for those of us who were able to watch it as a group. I know I keep saying this, but this internship has been such a huge blessing, through the opportunity to have fellowship, being discipled and working in an environment where Christ is the center.

11. 14. 20

This week was pretty chill. I spent a lot of time in meetings preparing for upcoming events. On Wednesday, our workout session was spent doing stairs at Minnehaha falls. The weather was amazing (and probably one of the last nice days in Minnesota for a while) and it was a great time to spend with the group! On Friday night we had the opportunity to have a girls’ night which was a huge blessing to get to know each other more and spend time in fellowship together. I am just super grateful for time with this group and this internship and ready to continue working hard to bring glory to God with each of these tasks that I have!

11. 5. 20

Y’all this week has been SO GOOD! We had a great message from Emily about discipleship on Monday. On Wednesday we were in office for internship training, but before that Hayley, James and I had the opportunity to learn from Isaiah. He is a former Pulse staff member that worked in photography. He talked about how the way he approaches his photography can be applied to anything creative! 

That afternoon I was able to share a short devotional with the group! Thursday was super fun! We were able to pre record some TikToks! Go check out Pulse’s TikTok @pulsemovement to see some spectacular videos from us!

A few weeks ago we pre-recorded our October Revival Nights and it went live on Thursday night. It brought me so much joy to come together with my friends to be on the response team for the event! This whole internship has been such a huge blessing! It has been so cool to get to learn more!

11. 29. 20

So much has happened over the past few weeks that it’s all starting to blend together. On Tuesday, I was in office for an event called Let it Speak: Philly and a photoshoot for the Year of the Bible merch. Due to Covid, the whole Pulse team hasn’t been able to be in office for all the different online events we put on, so it was such a blessing to be a part of that team. 

Some of the interns were able to get together for a game night and have some great conversations. I’m so thankful for each of them and the friendships we are making! During our intern training this week we talked about the importance of surrendering our sin daily, and OH MY WORD that is so hard! It can be so easy to let sin stack up, to ignore it, or justify it because of God’s forgiveness, but the confession part is so important. 

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9. 

It says “IF” we confess our sins, that was a huge *mind blown* moment for me. I am actively trying to confess my sins on the daily which is honestly so challenging because pride can so easily get in the way. I encourage you to take those steps to humble yourself, to confess your sins daily, and to actively set aside that time to spend with God!

10. 22. 20

Wow, this has been a super busy  yet amazing week! As we dive deeper into the internship, I am so grateful for this community. We have only known each other for a few weeks but the encouragement and fellowship has been a huge blessing! On Sunday night, we had the opportunity to share our testimonies. It was so cool to hear how God has been moving in each person’s life. On Thursday we pre-recorded our first Revival Night of the semester and I even chose to get baptized at the event. 

One of my professional goals for this internship is to write Bible trivia that is specific to each book of the Bible, starting in Acts. As I was reading, the importance of baptism really stood out to me, I knew that there would be a Baptism at this event and felt it was time to make that public declaration. I had the honor of being baptized alongside three other interns, and I’m just so excited to see how the Lord will move in each of us!

10. 16. 20

This week we put on an event called Emerging Leader Check-In. We talked about some hard topics including social and racial justice from a Christian perspective. I had the opportunity to pull questions and be active in the chat with people who were watching the event from home. This brought forth some important conversations. If you weren’t able to watch the event live, you can go to to check it out. I would highly encourage it! This week has been especially busy, but I’ve been trying to be super intentional with the time I spend with the Lord. Specifically, trying not to procrastinate and make sure that I am dedicating specific time to everything I need to get done, while also glorifying God when doing it.

10. 9. 20

This week has honestly been a lot of fun. Even though we have only been able to meet in office once, getting to know some of my fellow interns has been a blast and I can’t wait to get to know all of them more! As a social media intern, I’ve been able to sit in on several meetings and see how much work goes into turning an idea into an event. I’ve been given more freedoms than I was expecting and the opportunity to share my ideas. This can be nerve racking at times but has also stretched me and created a great learning and work environment. This week I’ve really been encouraged to seek after God’s will rather than my own in EVERY situation, whether I am supposed to jump or be patient and to do it all in boldness. The topic of vulnerability has come up in a few group discussions, and at least for me, it can be so easy to be vulnerable after I have already overcome a trial, but we are not meant to isolate ourselves. So, throughout this semester I am challenging myself to be vulnerable when I’m struggling. I can not wait to dive in deeper into this internship, to spend time in fellowship, grow my relationship with God, get more involved in all of the social media platforms, and continue to use these gifts God has given me to glorify Him.


Hello! I am Dominique Paulk, I’m 19 years old and one of the Social Media Interns this fall at Pulse. I have a whole bunch of food allergies but I love to cook and eat which is typically what you’ll see me doing at any given moment. When I’m not cooking you can probably find me eating Chipotle in my car, Chipotle is basically my second home. I am also a nanny, I love working with kids, watching them learn, grow and discover is such a rewarding thing. I have to admit, I spend a LOT of time on tiktok, but I have used that platform to start a series called Bible Trivia where I quiz viewers on their knowledge of the Bible. This has not only given me a great opportunity to share the gospel with a large audience but also to make Christian friends and become a part of a greater community where we challenge and encourage one other to grow in our faith. I am so excited to be a part of this internship, to form community and fellowship, gain field experience, and most importantly I’m excited to see how the Lord will work in each of our lives throughout this semester.