Celena Eamiguel

Ministry Expansion

Wassup y’all 😉 I’m Celena, but some people call me Lena. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. (It’s also home to Muhammad Ali, Static Major and Bryson Tiller). I’m half Filippina and half African-American. I grew up on my mom’s side of my family, so as a child I ate a lot of filippino food and picked up a lot of Bisaya along the way. When I was sixteen I moved to Minnesota to live with my dad. Not long after that move, I became inspired by him and my brother to start rapping for God myself! I’ve been a hip hop vocal artist on 1 Way Entertainment ever since then. Aside from my music career, I’m living the college life, attending North Central University for a degree in Business Administration. I’m happy to be a part of Pulse this year because I’m learning more about the Kingdom, and it’s a well-rounded opportunity for me to grow. 

2.5.21 – Week 4

Earlier this week on Tuesday was the first time that our intern team was able to see each other face-to-face, and it was nice to finally get away from being on Zoom with each other all day. Pulse’s office is so beautiful inside! It’s the best office space downtown Minneapolis because it’s wide, open and aesthetically pleasing. This past Tuesday, my intern group and I were up at 8 AM praying together and focusing on God’s Word for our devotional. The day continued to be filled with different activities, and it was interesting to see how each of our personalities interact with each other. By the time lunch came around, we ended up smashing on some Chick-fil-A 🙂 I had a class to attend in the afternoon, so I made the short trip down the street a couple blocks to get back to my campus. After my class, the team was preparing for our first Revival Night event. It’s a night where people are invited to the Pulse headquarters to worship and hear the Word of God being preached. The first night of revival was amazing; Leah and Evelyn got baptized, and I couldn’t believe some of the testimonies that I heard from the other young women in our group. We can’t ever judge a book by its cover; you never know what people have been through. 

2.12.21 – Week 5

Earlier this week, Emily (our Training & Evangelism Associate) spoke to the team about the importance of discipleship. Discipleship is an essential part of life as a Christian because we want to grow personally in our relationship with God. You can think of discipleship like life-long mentorship or friendship with other people who have the same faith. I love the message of what Emily was communicating to me because she put emphasis on the idea of having someone in your life who’s down to ride for you through thick and thin. Having a real relationship with someone who’s discipling you can be a real blessing. The same way that it’s important to have people who are discipling me, it’s just as important for me to disciple someone else in my life as I go through my journey following Christ as well. For me, it’s my baby sister, Leah. I’m blessed to have her in my life. 

2.19.21 – Week 6

Crazy stuff happened this week! It was very unfortunate for me because on Monday I found out that I had to be isolated in quarantine, so on Tuesday I couldn’t participate in the Pulse office activities 😦 I have to remain in quarantine until next Friday, so I’ll have to work remotely until then. People on the team like Greg, Alex, Mark, Emily, Acebe, Mariah and Nelson are praying for me to be fully recovered! I’m really thankful for people who pray for me; I’ve already been blessed in this process of healing too. I feel better and better every day that passes.  

2.26.21 – Week 7

There’s so much going on this week! I’ve been thinking a lot about opportunities to grow and improve my performance. There’s so much work to be done with Good Friday, and I’m blessed to be a part of it. I’m working with Greg who’s the ministry partnership associate on the team, and we’re planning to get my university connected to the volunteer opportunity for follow up!

3.5.21 – Week 8

This week on Tuesday, our group shared testimonies with each other. You really can’t tell what people have been through just by speaking with them unless they tell you. We all have different lives and different struggles, but it was clear to hear how God works through each person! There’s nothing that God can’t do. Some of us are still going through it today, but it’s real and it’s only life. It was encouraging for me to hear the stories and struggles of what people have been through because it made me realize that God’s grace is more than enough for all of us. When I shared my story and some of the things that I’ve been through, I didn’t feel anxious because I knew that our group would receive it with care and sensitivity. 

3.12.21 – Week 9

There are a lot of good meetings that I’m able to participate in as a Pulse intern. There’s this particular meeting that happens on Thursday afternoons where my supervisor and I pray with other people across the city to come together in faith. I’ve been blessed to pray for people who are in distress and tough situations. It reminds me that we are all human–no matter who we are. I’m also reminded that there is power in unity, and there’s definitely power in prayer.

3.19.21 – Week 10

This week I was able to celebrate Marissa’s birthday with her which was nice. It was a great opportunity for our intern group to bond outside of our work space. A few of the other ladies and I went to a spot in Minneapolis called Boom Island, where we sat outside under the trees and had a picnic together. It was nice to talk about the events going on in each of our lives as a group. We even took nice photos and sang together.

3.26.21 – Week 11

There’s a lot of work to get done with preparation for Good Friday. I’ve gotten in touch with a young man who attends my university just to work together on rallying students from North Central for the volunteer opportunity. It’s good to know that there are a lot of people who would love to get some calls in for Pulse. It’s been a busy semester!