Cecilia Vaillancourt

Summer 2020 Data Management Intern

8. 07. 20

This summer has been one like no other. I’ve learned a ton in all aspects of my life. I have learned lots about the data side of Pulse. I have learned the importance of data and data management within a nonprofit. I have gained knowledge within Salesforce, a data management program, and more general data skills. I’ve grown professionally, but I’ve also grown spiritually and personally. This summer I have learned so much more about the Lord. I have seen His faithfulness and character all summer long. I have learned so much from our Monday chapel sessions and other interns. This experience has been one like no other and I’m so so thankful for this opportunity and the people who have impacted me this summer. 

7. 20. 2020

I have learned so much the past few weeks, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have been digging into a system called Salesforce and learning all the different features of this technology. I have been using Salesforce to better the organization and have also been able to create things to make Salesforce run better. Recently, I have been working on ways to help our Development team stay connected with past and current donors. It has been really exciting to learn more about how impactful the data side of Pulse is to the organization as a whole.

I have also learned a lot personally. We have had teachings on confession, identity, and many other topics. Each week I find myself growing more and more in my relationship with God, and also my relationship with myself. I am slowly becoming more confident in my faith, thanks to many resources that have been given to me by Pulse. One of the most impactful moments of the past few weeks has been Revival Nights, a worship service put on once a month. At the most recent Revival Nights, I was moved by God’s presence and power. God is so good and I can’t wait to see how He reveals Himself in the last couple weeks here at Pulse.

6. 29. 20

I found out about the Pulse internship on Pulse’s Instagram. Soon after applying, I found out that someone I knew used to be a Pulse intern, and she loved it. A lot of things excited me about Pulse. One of the major things was that Pulse allowed me to pursue my skills that apply to my career while being in a fun, Christ-centered environment. The Pulse internship was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I couldn’t pass up applying for it. I’m so excited for the rest of the summer!

My first week at Pulse was one for the books! Though I’m guessing all of the interns hoped we’d be in the office, we made the most of our time on Zoom and even got to get together and serve Minneapolis as a team. The first week of my internship has been a whirlwind of information about Pulse and my specific internship track. I have learned so much, and I already feel so close with the other interns. One of the biggest takeaways from this first week is that God is working even in the craziest circumstances.