Carrie Park

Summer 2020 Development & Special Events Intern

8. 07. 20

As my internship experience at Pulse comes to an end, I cannot be more grateful and overwhelmed with God’s goodness. It is with a bittersweet feeling that I will no longer be part of the internship program at Pulse, but I cannot be more confident in my calling to share the gospel with the world. Pulse has truly equipped me to be a leader of our generation through their continuance of pursuing and challenging me in my faith all while furthering my skill set in my potential career field after graduation. 

I cannot even put into words to describe what Pulse means to me. The internship program may be coming to an end, but I know that this is just the beginning for many of us. I am honored to have spent the last thirteen weeks with people who I am now able to call my family, and I cannot be more thrilled to continue to further the kingdom of God alongside them. 

Overall, I want to say thank you to Pulse for giving me the opportunity to grow in my faith. Thank you to Mark and Emily who has been nothing, but our biggest cheerleaders during the times we have been challenged to our limits. Thank you to the rest of the internship cohort for pouring into me, so that I could be equipped to be a weekday warrior that God has called all of us to be. Lastly, thank you to the people who have made this internship program to be possible. My life has truly been changed forever. 

7. 20. 2020

Thus far, my journey as an intern at Pulse has truly been life-changing. I have grown tremendously over these past couple of weeks through my internship. Through my time at Pulse, God has given me one of the greatest blessings in life of godly friendships. There is something different about being surrounded by people who resemble God’s character more than anything else. Like iron sharpens iron in Proverbs 27:17, I am grateful for people who constantly pursue me and I’m truly honored to have been able to do the same for them as well. Additionally, I am no longer a Sunday saint, but a weekly warrior and I stand so confidently in the identity that Christ has given me. I have learned to be bold in my faith and have been able to experience what it means to be walking out your faith. Overall, it has been such an honor to have been a part of this program at Pulse Movement, and I cannot wait to see how God will continue to work in my life. 

6. 29. 2020

I originally heard about Pulse through my friends who have participated in the internship program in the past. I was able to hear the stories of how much they were able to grow through their time at Pulse, and I was eager to learn more about Pulse as an organization. I soon became aware of Pulse’s mission, and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t even try to apply for the internship. As a result, I completed the application and was offered to be a Development & Special Events intern at Pulse. I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to not only grow in my faith, but also in my professional skills. 

My first week at Pulse has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Due to an unfortunate circumstance regarding COVID-19, adjustments were made to the internship program accordingly that limited us to meeting on Zoom calls as well as events becoming digital for a while. I originally was very disappointed because of certain experiences that wouldn’t be able to happen in the summer internship program. However, my perspective soon changed when we had our first Zoom call for our official training day as a Pulse intern. Seeing familiar as well as new faces across the screen of my computer allowed me to realize just how grateful I am to even have the opportunity to be in community with others while earning consistent income. It has only been the beginning of my internship at Pulse, but I have already grown tremendously as a person and as a disciple of Jesus. I have witnessed what it truly means to be the hands and feet of Jesus by volunteering with others as an organization in downtown Minneapolis during the recent time of injustice, and practicing the power of prayer throughout our days. 

Even though it seems as if our world is changing around us everyday, my time so far at Pulse has shown me how our source of stability and foundation can only come from God. I am learning what it truly means to be an obedient Christ follower while developing skills in the career field that I am interested in after graduating from Bethel University as an International Business and Marketing major.