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People need Jesus. We exist to make Jesus known.

Through PULSE Movement’s internship program, we are not just coworkers within an organization. We are able to grow in Christ-founded relationship with one another while developing our professional skills and personal talents so that we may be equipped to go and make disciples of all nations.


welcome gifts

During our first week, Pulse generously gifted us welcome packages! Pulse sent us packages in the mail to open on our first day as a cohort together! The packages included our favorite candy, a Pulse mug, Pulse Intern long-sleeve shirt, wonderful journals, and a welcome note from Nick Hall, the founder of Pulse!

in the office…

All Day!

One day a week, we have the privilege of being in the Pulse office to learn and grow together as a cohort. Every week, we have two chapels in the morning and afternoon on various topics, such as resume building, apologetics, evangelism, godly relationships, discipleship, and the importance of Christ-centered community. Later in the afternoon, we all work out together! Mark Warder comes up with a new workout each week, which has been great to do together as a cohort!

We also love hanging out, eating lunch together, and going on multiple coffee trips during the break we have between each chapels. It’s been such an amazing opportunity to get to know everyone within the cohort and support and encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ!

First Day


February 2, 2021

Revival Nights are a monthly event hosted by Pulse. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Pulse has taken the initiative to continue these important moments of connection with our Heavenly Father through pre-recording and live stream. Technology is a blessing when used in the right way. The intern cohort gathered together to record an impactful event filled with worship, fellowship, as well as a powerful message delivered by Pierre. 

In the afternoon, the whole cohort helped to unload the truck full of technological equipment into the garage. Everyone helped to set up and then ate dinner right before the event. Evelyn and Leah got baptized by Mark Warder! The rest of the intern cohort were taught by Linn how to do their event tasks. Celena and Carter were at the front door waiting to check guests in for the event. Tucker greeted guests once they got down into the garage and later helped Mariah prepare the baptism tank. Evelyn and Leah got baptized by Mark Warder! Marissa did a wonderful job hosting the event, and Acebe shared a sweet testimony. The entire family did an amazing job to successfully pull off an amazing event!

Stephanie Oliva

Joshua Brandt

learning Street Evangelism

How do you share Jesus with someone you don’t know on a random street corner?

Makayla Rocheford

Mariah Goeppinger

Nelson Bergsma

Leah Vigil

Tucker Grant

Evelyn Perez-Mora

Acebe Omot

Celena Eamiguel

Katie Potter

Marissa Zepecki

Carter Gilbert

YotB Modeling and TikTok Content

February 9, 2021

Year of the Bible (aka YOTB) is an online resource that Nick Hall created during the season of the pandemic. Nick challenged people to dive into the Bible together during the pandemic.


Between chapel sessions, many of the interns had a fun time modeling YOTB merchandise and making TikToks! The interns were also filmed reading their favorite Bible verses while wearing YOTB merchandise.

college day of prayer (cdop)

February 25, 2021

College Day of Prayer is a united, multi-generational day of prayer for revival and awakening on college campuses in America.

A group of interns gathered to pray over the University of MN – Twin Cities campus and various other college campuses throughout the U.S.

Marissa, Acebe, Mariah, Tucker, Katie, and Leah took turns praying for REVIVAL on various college campuses. Katie oversaw the social media presence for CDOP, and Marissa worked on the digital response team, which involves texting with people who responded to the gospel.

Feel free to check out the CDOP broadcast and choose a campus to pray over!

Preach twin cities

March 2, 2021

It is our desire to build a community of young preachers by encouraging and equipping them to share the Gospel in a unique, Biblical and unapologetic way. Preach Twin Cities is an online showcase of emerging leaders who are preaching the Gospel boldly, from stages and social media platforms. We all played a role in the event based upon our department. 

Feel free to check out the Preach Twin Cities broadcast!

midtown global market

March 16, 2021

The cohort went out to lunch at Midtown Global Market. Everyone tried amazing, new foods, such as tamales, fresh sushi, Indian food, bubble tea, and horchata! We all enjoyed the opportunity to eat lunch together as a cohort and try the wonderful food! What a great treat to experience together!

move closer app photo shoot

March 28, 2021

Move Closer is a mobile application that meets the need for a simple, invitation-based discipleship process for this generation. It combines community, teaching, and a simple interface to empower everyday people to disciple everyday people.

Katie and Leah led the shoot at a local coffee shop in Minneapolis. Evelyn, Makayla, and some friends had a great time exploring the Move Closer app together!

basketball workout

March 29, 2021

The cohort gathered at a local Park to basketball! We started out the workout with a few rounds of Horse, and then played two games of pickup basketball.

Tucker has been looking forward to this workout for the entire internship and was generous enough to share some of his own basketballs for the cohort to use! We all enjoyed meeting a new friend at the park and inviting him to play with us!

When the games were over, our new friend shared his testimony with us. We definitely felt God working as we prayed over him!

dress like mark day

March 30, 2021

A few of the interns thought it would be fun to dress up as one of our supervisors – Mark Warder. Every week, he has a consistent outfit including a green jacket, jeans, a Pulse shirt of some kind, and converse. He was pretty surprised to see that Mariah matched his “normal outfit” almost perfectly!

March revival night

March 30, 2021

The intern cohort gathered together to record an impactful event filled with worship, fellowship, as well as a powerful message delivered by Nick Hall.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Pulse has continued the initiative to host these important moments of connection with our Heavenly Father through pre-recording and live stream.  

The whole cohort helped to set up everything for Revival Nights and ate dinner together before the event. Everyone was excited to celebrate Tucker’s baptism by Mark Warder! Katie hosted the event, and Mariah showed Evelyn what to do for the Baptism. Marissa and Leah did amazing work as they took pictures and videos of everything that was going on. Tucker also shared an amazing testimony. The entire team worked together to put together a great event!

Good Friday

April 2, 2021

Good Friday 2021 was the second of its kind as a global outreach event focused on sharing the good news of Jesus. The news is that He sacrificed everything for you.

In 2020

As churches were not able to meet in person we decided to bring the Gospel to them. In just seven short days the Pulse team created a Good Friday service that went global.

As a result, the program was broadcasted over to 115 million homes, in 120 countries, and translated in 40 different languages. And most importantly, we saw over 130 thousand people commit their lives to Jesus.

God took this into places we could only dream of, and yet we know there are still more people who need to hear.

The interns had the privilege to serve on the digital response team – texting with people who responded to the gospel. 

Feel free to check out the Good Friday broadcast!

minnehaha falls stair workout

April 6, 2021

The team gathered together to do a stair workout through Minnehaha Park! Before we started, the group may have played a prank on Mark…

Then, we ran up and down about 5 flights of stairs for a total of four different times. Everyone worked together to encourage and support each other through the workout. Afterwards, we all walked over to DQ to grab a treat! Yay for ice cream, smoothies, and soft pretzels!!