Blake Davis

Preaching & Teaching

12. 11. 20

So wild to think that this is the end of the internship. This has easily been the busiest season of my life! Working full time, interning at pulse, being in a 10-week street evangelism activation, and launching a Youtube channel. It has been a season of continuing to lean in and listen to the one who holds me…Jesus. It has been a time of learning what it looks like to manage time in all the areas I am pouring into, which I’m still learning. I have abundantly enjoyed my time at Pulse. I have not only grown so much in preaching, teaching, and effectively communicating the Word of God, but also just as a person in itself. I have been pushed, stretched, and uncomfortable and to see the faithfulness of God spill into all of those areas has been groundbreaking! I have loved getting to know and work alongside this amazing cohort who I have the honor and privilege to call my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful for the leadership at Pulse who have seeked wisdom in shepherding our cohort in this last season. Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience at Pulse. I will never forget it and I am excited to take everything that has been deposited in me into future seasons of life!!

11. 26. 20

This last week honestly was hard. It was hard to accept the fact that the rest of the internship is online. However, we still had an awesome week together growing as a family. It was cool to engage in real conversations about relationships and hearing how we can be creative as believers on all platforms. 

11. 20. 20

This past week at Pulse has been nothing short of amazing. We had our second film day for Revival Nights and man is it just sweet to go after the presence of God in a corporate setting even though we haven’t had many opportunities this last season!! As a whole Pulse family we also went to an American Ninja gym, so that was a blast to take a break from office work and just to connect and have fun as a whole unit. Overall another awesome week!

11. 5. 20

This past week was a wild one! I’ve been able to connect with churches in our city by reaching out to inform them about Pulse’s Preach Twin Cities event that will be happening in early December. I am hyped for this event! This week I was also able to preach my second sermon. It’s such an honor and privilege to preach and get constructive feedback on how to be a better communicator of God’s Word. The October Revival Nights also aired this past week and it was amazing to see all of the hard and dedicated work everyone put into the event and make it come to life! I will not be in the office this next week due to the fact that I am engaging with a 24/7 prayer, worship, and outreach event happening right here in our city!

11. 29. 20

Another week in the books! This week has been all about connection. We spent time on the streets engaging with people and making Jesus known. It’s life-giving to continue to watch Jesus mark our city with love. Being able to see Him over and over again awaken His people to the one and only truth. Other than that it’s been sweet growing more and more as a family with the interns. We had a game night this week which was fun getting to know each other on a deeper level! I’m excited and focused for this next week as I will be working on a variety of projects!

10. 22. 20

Wow what a week! We started the week off by testimony night on Sunday. It was so encouraging to testify to the transformation that Jesus brings, and to see the entire cohort be real and raw about what life has looked like for them. Following this, it was a very busy week!! I spent some time connecting with church and ministry leaders in Philadelphia about the Let it Speak: Philly event. It was awesome to connect and to have conversations while dipping my toes into the church relations aspect of the internship. Finally, on Thursday we had our first Revival Night. It was powerful to see God move in that space. I got the privilege and honor to share my testimony at this event. God is so faithful when He says He will fill our mouths when we open them and speak. Overall it was another great week!

10. 16. 20

This last week at Pulse has been groundbreaking! It was a privilege and honor to be a part of the Emerging Leader Check-In and to see how Pulse carries themselves as a ministry even with so much going on during event days. It was cool to see the order, discipline, and  intentionality leading the whole event. It was so cool to be a part of the Echo team and getting to connect and have conversations about Jesus with people tuning into the event. Another highlight of the week would have to be preaching and filming my first sermon. The refining feedback that I got from my peers was super helpful. I’m just excited to continue to grow with the Lord throughout this whole process. Finally, on Wednesday we did outreach as a family and wow did Jesus show up! To be able to love our city well and testify to the name of Jesus is always fruitful!

10. 9. 20

I found the Pulse internship through a divine appointment from Jesus! I was walking out to my car after a Prayer Room set at my church and just started to have this random conversation with this girl that I had never met before. She was telling me about this amazing summer internship she was in, being surrounded by hungry ones for Jesus, talking about how the Lord had been shepherding her in this season, and expressing that the main purpose of the internship was to make Jesus known. I immediately felt a nudge from the Lord to apply and so I did! 

My first two weeks at Pulse have been nothing short of exceptional! I am already learning so much about how a non-profit ministry navigates all kinds of situations and it has been so cool to witness the dependence on Jesus through it all! I value how the culture of Pulse continues to point to family. Already through the first weeks the staff has loved each and every one of us interns so intentionally. I am most excited to continue to see the unity that Jesus brings this fall, even though we all have our different tracks and projects knowing that Jesus is orchestrating a oneness in this family.


My name is Blake Davis and I am one of the Preaching and Teaching interns this fall at Pulse. I will be continuing to build relationships with local churches/ministries and getting more and more equipped on preaching and teaching the true Word of God. I live to make the man Jesus known in everything that I do. I was created to be a lover first and enjoy spending time with family and friends during my free time, and living my life on mission.  I am excited to see what Jesus has in store for this next season!