Acebe Omot

Preaching & Teaching

Hi! My name is Acebe Omot. I am a Preaching and Teaching Inter at Pulse. My passion is to preach and teach the gospel. By Gods grace I’m able to be apart of the Pulse family to grow and learn. I’m a Senior at North Central University and I’m majoring in Business Administration. My dream and desire is to incorporate both ministry and business together to exalt Gods kingdom. I love to travel and explore the world. I’m excited to experience everything God has in store for me at Pulse.

2.12.21 – Week 5

Pulse has taught me a lot since joining this fall. I love the fact that I am challenged, encouraged, and remind of God faithfulness concerning ministry and personal goals. I can say my experiences has been amazing. I’m grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities Pulse has given me to learn and grow. Again I look forward to learning more and unwrapping everything God has for me through Pulse. 

2.19.21 – Week 6

Last week was productive at Pulse. I enjoy the fact that they continually encourage us to set and reach our goals. Blessed to have Pulse and how caring they are not only in our professional lives but also spiritual/personal. Pulse prayed for my family as they went through a tough moment this past week and I’m grateful for their love and prayers. 

2.26.21 – Week 7

This week so full of events. Praying for colleges with the team was amazing. It shows where Pulse heart is at for the nation and people in general. I enjoy spending time with the team and how they poor into us. Pulse is an amazing community  and I’m so grateful to apart a team who love Jesus and want to make his name great. 

3.5.21 – Week 8

This week has been an experience for me because I was surrounded by loving people who love Jesus. Thursday was Revival Night and Nicki Hall who was the speaker spoke a spirit lead message which was amazing. I believe his message was given at the right moment and someone will definitely be touched by it. The team continues to push us to be better at our craft by getting us involved in our roles. I had a great week with the team and I look forward to what next week has in store. 

3.12.21 – Week 9

This week has been filled with more teachings and lessons for growth in preaching and teaching. I’m learning more ways to better myself as a preacher. Having these lessons are helpful because you get to learn for others who have been preaching for years and how affective they have been in the kingdom. Again, I’m grateful for Pulse for give me these great opportunities to learn and grow in my walk with God.

3.19.21 – Week 10

What great about this intern is meeting new people. The Pulse team/family are great people who love the Lord and love to serve. The way everyone works together to get Christ message to the people is amazing. They’re teaching me how to love to serve, spread the gospel and also love others. Pulse is truly God sent and I’m grateful that God has allowed to witness. 

3.26.21 – Week 11

Last revival night was amazing!! Nick Halls message was life changing and so need for believers to hear. He did an alter call and I can say God moved that night. Revival nights are amazing at Pulse because it refuels you and reminds why you’re here and God purpose. Though this was the last intern revival night, it won’t be my last time going to another revival night service. 

4.2.21 – Week 12

This week was challenging for me!! I had a lot on my plate but I was encouraged by being with the team. I appreciate their prayers and desire for us to know Jesus more. They care about our spiritual life and even physically. I love the fact that Pulse encourages but reminds us of our everyday goals. It is helpful and encouraging to have that support as you push to make life goals and succeed at them. 

4.9.21 – Week 13

Week 13 was so much fun!! I had a good time running at Minnehahha even though it was challenging. After the workout we all went out to have ice cream and it was so much fun. I love being around everyone and just talking and laughing. I have an amazing group of people around me and I’m grateful for the memories we have shared so far together. Me and Mariah got the opportunity to go to a Kenya church a few weeks ago and just things like that outside of Pulse is meaningful. 

4.16.21 – Week 14

Me and the group did something different and ran around the U.S. bank stadium which was interesting. One thing I love about this internship is how they challenge us. I’m learning to do new things which would help me reach my goal. It’s really helpful to have leaders who want to succeed in all aspects which is a blessing. Even though the internship is soon coming to an end, I can say that this experience has been an amazing life changing experience.