Abigail Hanson

Summer 2020 Partnerships Intern

8. 07. 20

Overall this summer I learned the importance of the people in your circle. This internship has placed a huge emphasis on intentional community & I found myself reaching out to people & pulling others closer than an arms reach away. Being a leader in ministry is a lonely road & our hearts are created for community. These new brothers and sisters in Christ that I’ve found at Pulse have already been a huge influence in my life. Bring people who believe in you into your circle, people who will challenge you, and people who will show such a familial, Christ-like in all that they do. The people I’ve found working at Pulse are sacrificial servants of the Lord & I learned that I want to be seen as such. 

The Lord has done a real transformation on my heart in summer 2020. I have been constantly and incessantly reminded of the peace that the Lord provides when we surrender our lives to Him. Not only my relationships, job and my hobbies, but also my health, my own body image, and my thoughts and daily habits. When I choose to put everything into worship, I greatly receive more. The more I give all that I have to the Lord, the more I receive in eternal everlasting fruits of the Spirit. The Lord has shown me the mental shift: from a materialistic mindset to one that sees nothing but eternal blessings. This summer I read the story of the prostitute who kisses the feet of Jesus, and I was caught on the sentence “she was so focused on Jesus that she forgets about herself”. She forgets that she’s not welcome into Simon’s home, she forgets that she is not allowed in the room where they’re reclining, she forgets BECAUSE she is so focused on Jesus that she completely forgets about herself. I want to be remembered like that. 

7. 20. 2020

This summer at Pulse has been an incredible experience in terms of faith and fellowship. I have found a rich community among the Pulse family and crave the precious time we have together each week. Through this internship I have been given the opportunity to work on a large project concerning The Table Coalition, and I have been nothing but equipped and empowered as I present ideas that the Lord has given me for TTC’s new vision. The people at Pulse want us to succeed, grow, and develop into our best selves. As an intern, I not only feel set up to succeed but I believe I am being resourced and encouraged in my walk with Christ to find an authentic faith. I am consistently challenged and learning how to live in the Spirit. It has been a blessing to be refined and encouraged by those who work here with a heart for the Lord’s mission.

6. 29. 2020

As a new college graduate, I was searching for the next step in my career. I graduated with a Missional Ministries degree and was hoping to find an opportunity to minister to others outside of the traditional church. I hoped to continue to learn and grow in creative and practical ways in building God’s kingdom, and remembered Pulse Twin Cities at U.S. Bank Stadium in 2018. After learning that Pulse offers PAID internships, I quickly applied and was eager to hear back. Now as one of Pulse’s Summer 2020 interns, I am excited to participate and learn about the numerous ministry partnerships that Pulse is in relationship with all around the country. When we work together, the American church has so much to gain and I am excited to participate in the unity that Pulse works to accomplish. 

My first week as a Pulse intern has been very uplifting. As I stepped into this position in the midst of COVID-19 and the riots in Minneapolis, I have seen the discerning ways this ministry seeks to operate. Pulse has taken action on these issues of isolation and racism, has offered paid days to go and volunteer for our community in Minneapolis, and has created events to speak to the injustice happening in our community. In this past week, I have witnessed and received the beauty of hope that Pulse has to offer in making Jesus known. Even in this first week at Pulse, I have seen the influence that they hold in building Christ’s Kingdom and instilling peace and relationship with one another for the sake of God’s children becoming family.