Marissa Zepecki

Preaching & Photography

Heyo! My name is Marissa & I am so pumped to be a Pulse Preaching & Photography Intern this Spring! I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this past December and have been so fortunate to move to the Twin Cities! I’m excited to be in a new city and meet so many incredible people through this internship and beyond. It has already been the biggest blessing and I am so expectant to see what the Lord does through this intern cohort! In my free time I love to take photos and videos to capture memories and be creative! I also love to stay active, be outside, listen to music, read and write, and just spend intentional time with people! I am an extrovert so nothing fills me up more than listening to someone share their story with me and just being able to talk about life & Jesus with them!

2.12.21 – Week 5

This week at Pulse, I was able to join the Ministry Partnership Team for meetings and calls for Good Friday! Good Friday is coming up faster than we think, but I am so excited to see how God moves during this worldwide broadcast! It has been awesome to connect with churches and pastors to partner with us in this service, and I’m excited to continue doing so next week! With our preaching cohort, we had the opportunity to hear from Pastor Alex Grahmann! He had so many great points and pieces of advice that I am definitely going to take when I write any future sermons or am speaking in any capacity. It has been so awesome to learn from these pastors and speakers, as well as learn alongside the other preaching interns!! Finally, on Tuesday we were able to meet as an intern cohort with everyone. It was awesome to hear two great sessions from Mark and Emily on prayer and healing and making disciples. Both Chapel sessions were SO good!! I am excited to continue learning and growing through this internship and serving in the ministry partnership team!!

2.19.21 – Week 6

This week was filled with so much learning and tons of growth with self reflection, both in the internship and just in my daily life! Our intern time together on Tuesday was so great, although we had to meet virtually this week. On Wednesday during our preaching time, we were able to hear from Pastor Gary who shared SO MUCH wisdom when in comes to taking care of your heart as a pastor or preacher. Finally, it was awesome to work alongside the ministry partnership team to continue making calls and connecting with churches! I also brainstormed some creative ideas to reach and contact more people for Good Friday, so I am excited to execute those next week! In the coming weeks I am excited to watch Revival Nights, participate in collegiate day of prayer, and start writing my 10 minute sermon!

2.26.21 – Week 7

his week was TOO GOOD! The Lord’s hand was all over it! The week started off with an awesome and joy filled meeting with the ministry partnership team! We are getting so excited for Good Friday and all that God is going to do through this event. Tuesday was an amazing intern day filled with an awesome Chapel session on confession and a fun group workout at US Bank Stadium! We closed out the day watching Revival Nights together at the office. Wednesday our preaching cohort learned ten pieces of advice on preaching for the long haul which was super helpful and encouraging. We also discussed the importance of feedback and criticism! When I haven’t been in meetings this week I have been acquiring hosting locations for Good Friday & writing a sermon that I will preach next week! I can’t believe we are already nearing the halfway point of the internship! Time is flying by but I am so grateful for the time and fellowship that we have had thus far, as well as the experience I am getting!

3.5.21 – Week 8

This week was a really powerful week in the internship! It was packed full of fellowship with one another! My favorite part of the week was being able to hear everyone’s testimonies on Tuesday. They all had such an impact on my heart and I am so grateful to know these people and to serve a God that is so faithful. Other highlights of the week were Carol’s talk on prayer on Tuesday, our 10 minute sermons on Wednesday, and Revival Nights on Thursday. Oh, and I cannot forget when Abigail, Acebe, and I all got stranded at tires plus while trying to visit churches. It was such a fun and amazing week. I am so grateful for this internship and to be able to continue to grow and learn and get to know these amazing people each and every week!!

3.12.21 – Week 9

I can’t believe we are over halfway through the internship!! These past 9 weeks have flown by, but I am so grateful for the time we have had as a cohort thus far. This week was filled with more intentional time with my fellow interns, amazing chapel session, and great time learning with the other preaching and teaching interns! It was also fun this week to go out and visit churches in order to build relationships with the local church and show our heart as a ministry to care for pastors! Overall it was another awesome week filled with so much growth! Excited for what the second half of the internship will have in store! So grateful for this team!

3.19.21 – Week 10

This past week was so awesome at Pulse! I still cannot believe that we are over halfway done with the internship! I am excited to still continue growing and learning each day, as well as continuing to work hard towards Good Friday! I can’t believe it’s less than two weeks away! Our intern time on Tuesday was really intentional as we street evangelized and took time as a team to brainstorm our ideas for the Pulse evangelism training.On the ministry partnership side of things, we hit 200 host homes which was our goal which is so exciting! We are also continuing to work on the follow up side of things for Good Friday as well! I am looking forward to our last Revival Nights this next week! Lastly, it was my birthday on Thursday and I am so grateful for anyone that went out of their way to make me feel celebrated and loved! So grateful for this team!!

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