Evelyn Perez-Mora

Social Media

Heyyooo, I’m Evelyn Perez Mora– a Social Media Intern at Pulse this Spring. I am SO OOBER EXCITED to serve in whatever way I can to make Jesus known (it doesn’t get better than this)!!! I am 19 years old and majoring in Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas. In my free time– between Pulse and school work I love to paint while listening to worship music, explore the twin cities, and read. I am excited to learn and grow deeper in the Lord! Please pray with me, friends and family. ❤ 

2.12.21 – Week 5

This past week I got to share a short devotional with the group. God put on my heart the topic of pride which is something that I struggle with and have to come to Jesus with every day. In a culture that idolizes the American dream it is easy to flaunt accolades, honors, etc. But we shouldn’t conform to the ways of the world instead fix our eyes on Jesus and eternity with God. During chapel- Emily talked about the importance of disciple-making and discipleship which inspired me to be bold and ask a woman I look up to from my church, Hannah to be my mentor. I’m excited to share God’s word, share prayer and share life with Hannah!

Mark’s message about “healing and prayer” shook me. It opened my eyes to realize I am 21st century disciple and I ALSO have the power that heals, raises the dead and casts out demons. Like the power that rose Jesus from the grave is living INSIDE OF ME! Because Jesus flows through me! This is something that I don’t really think about because I haven’t seen or heard of the “crazy stuff”. But it shouldn’t be weird, what would be weird is to follow a supernatural God and never experience the supernatural… I’m trying to work on this in my life by simply asking people I encounter “How can I pray for you?”. Because prayer always works even when it doesn’t seem like it – nothing never happens.

After a long day of kingdom work on Tuesday, the girls all went to Marissa’s apartment and we celebrated Galentines. It was so much fun! I love the community of God-fearing women that are so on fire for the Gospel. I’ve never actually been a part of something like this… a group of genuine people my age that I can be completely honest with and be fully loved. Everyone cracks me up and helps me walk closer to Jesus! I love them all so much! I’m excited to see how God draws our intern cohort closer and closer like family.

This week I was able to serve Pulse with my time by editing Nick Hall’s podcast videos, coming up with TikTok content with the social media team for YOTB and the MoveCloser App.

2.19.21 – Week 6

Hi all! Thank you for tuning in! Can I just say wow God is working in every moment. This past week was a harder one with school work but slower with Pulse work. On Tuesday, we got to hear from past interns and people on staff about using our God-given gifts of creativity or passions- for things like video games to spread the gospel. I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this session was. Abigail Hanson, said, “Everything you do can be ministry”. Minutes after hearing that I got a notification on my phone that said I had not received a position I applied for to be an on-campus peer minister. Instead of turning to bitterness and questioning, all that my mouth could utter was “Thank you God”… Thank you God that you have already called me to ministry and I don’t need a title, Thank you God that you are refining me, Thank you God that you are good and you have plans to prosper me. THANK YOU GOD! This message really stuck with me… Later this week I got to sit down with a neighboring friend and share the gospel with her. I got to speak truth to her and pray over her as she goes through a hard season. This is what ministry is. Thank you Jesus! 

Later that day we watched Mike Todd’s, “Before the person” sermon. WHICH WOW JUST WOW. I needed to hear this truth especially in this season of my life. A lot of people I know are either in relationships, getting engaged, or getting married so this was very much needed for me. Mike Todd reflected on Genesis specifically when God made Adam. Before Adam was given a partner, God gave him a place, a purpose, provision, identity, and parameters. This made me appreciate this season and all that God is doing right now in my life. 

Kingdom work this week was slow but I sat in on creative team meetings, scheduled tweets, and watched many of the Leader Check-In videos.  Excited for what next week brings! 

On mission together! 



2.26.21 – Week 7

Heyooo! Week 7! I absolutely LOVE MY JOB! HOW CAN THIS BE WORK?! This week was busy with much to do! On Tuesday, we got to hear from Joe Velez on staff and he spoke about the dangers of pursuing the American dream and secular success. This hit home because God met me when I was chasing after accolades, achievements, and positions of power in an academic setting. All these things are empty pursuits much like secular success. I liked hearing from someone that had gotten to the top of the mountain and experienced the emptiness of a life without Jesus. Joe’s message recalibrated my heart and reminded me that sacred significance is far greater than secular success. WOW – this is life-saving!!! 

Afterward, we got to hear from Nick Brandt who is in charge of our MoveCloser—discipleship app. Funny story I actually heard about Pulse through this app. I was going through a lonely and very confusing season of my life back in November and for some reason, I had the MoveCloser app downloaded on my phone. The funny thing is I had never opened it until I hit rock bottom. The app spoke truth and blessed me in a hard season of my life so it was cool to hear from Nick. I’m super excited to serve and bless others with fresh content for this app. 

The social media interns and I scurried to work and shot a lot of goofy but Christ-centered content for our TikTok page… @pulsemovement. My favorite part was our workout… we ran half a mile over to the U.S. Bank Stadium and went up and down the stairs. Nothing like sweat and Jesus to bond a group of college-age students! We got Dominos and Starbucks afterward so I can’t complain! 

Revival night streaming with the team was amazing. It was so cool to see the fruit of our labor from start to finish. I shared my testimony with the team and the strangers that saw the broadcast. Never in a million years would I have thought I would hold the microphone and boldly share my story like that. I know weren’t even halfway through the internship but I see God growing me and working in me day by day through Pulse. Excited about what God has stored for next week!

On mission together! 



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